blue moon villas

Blue Moon Villas - a dream vacation in Bali

We arrived in Bali last Friday and had 3 amazing days at the Blue Moon Villas in Amed, east Bali. This was probably the best Hotel we have ever stayed at and we stayed at many many Hotels and resorts the last couple of years. We also celebrated Jeremy's birthday there last Sunday and had a really great time!

Let me tell you more about this beautiful place in Bali and why we want to go back there soon!

blue moon villa vacation

Blue Moon Villas, Amed - Bali

Amed is a very relaxed city in east Bali, which is known for incredible snorkeling and diving areas. We fell in love with Ameds green landscapes and the kind hearted locals. So when you are planning a vacation in Bali go to Amed.

When we arrived at the Blue Moon Villas the staff welcomed us very warmly and served us a welcome drink - a fresh watermelon shake, which was refreshing and super delicious. The Blue Moon Villas are 17 rooms, all big rooms/villas with amazing views and they are super clean. On our king size bed was a towel folded as an elephant surrounded with beautiful lotus and hibiscus flower decorations. The staff and the owner of the Blue Moon Villas put so much love in this gem! You can see that they really love what they are doing.

Bedroom at the Blue Moon Villas Bali

Isn't that a really nice way of making a bed?

We had a huge terrace direct at the incredible infinity pool and the best view of the ocean we could wish for. We enjoyed every single minute in this beautiful hotel! Honestly we wish we could live there forever ❤️️

blue moon villas pool area

our incredible infinity pool

We had so much fun in the infinity pool with the unbelievable views. We really liked that the Blue Moon Villas have only 17 rooms, which means we had a lot of privacy and we could relax in a quieter area. The 17 villas are on 2 different levels, so you only share the pool with a few other guests. Most of the time we had the pool by ourselves, which was awesome.

blue moon villas poolsanother perfect pool at the Blue Moon Villas

After being in Thailand which is kind of crowded and full of tourists, this resort felt like the perfect getaway and we could relax and find our inner peace.

We celebrated Jeremy's birthday last sunday. Just before midnight I prepared our villa with heart balloons and had a little gift for Jeremy. A bigger gift is waiting for him in Germany, because it wouldn't fit in my tiny backpack! We enjoyed a local massage at the pool in the morning and had good times at the pool. We also had a special dinner at the Komang John Cafe, which served incredible food.

blue moon villas jeremys birthday

Jeremy's Birthday in Amed, Bali

blue moon villas ina

Jeremy is flying the drone

Jeremy is flying our drone - check our youtube channel

Komang John Cafe at the Blue Moon Villas

The restaurant, which belongs to the Blue Moon Villas is called Komang John Cafe (after the owner Komang John). We can tell you that this is for sure one of the best restaurants in the world as well. We ate there breakfast, lunch and dinner and did not want to try any other restaurant in Amed, because every dish was excellent and we wanted to try so many different dishes. The chef does an incredible job and our favorite meal was the very tender beef steak with redwine & mushroom sauce, local vegetables and potatoes, which we ordered a second time on our last night in Amed!

pork ribs at komang john cafe

super delicious pork ribs with veggies and potatoes

komang john cafe - bali dish

perfect balinese dish - made with love

The chef is such a lovely soul from Bali and came to us during each meal and checked if we like it and we were happy with our choices. We loved every single meal and had a great time with the chef!

Great Times At The Blue Moon Villas In Amed Bali

We got to know the staff pretty well these last days and can tell you that they are such kind hearted and sweet people, who are passionate about what they do. 

Everything was excellent and we can highly recommend the Blue Moon Villas to everyone who is coming to Bali and is looking for a great time! These villas are incredible, the views are breathtaking and the staff is excellent.




vabali spa Berlin Ina

vabali spa Berlin - The Perfect Getaway

My best friend Kira moved to Berlin a year ago. We have been friends for more than 20 years and always stay in touch wherever in the world we are! I am often traveling and she spends a lot of time in Brasil, but right now we are both in our home country Germany. So finally we got to spend a girls weekend together in Berlin and we had such a great time together! The highlight of our weekend was a day at the vabali spa Berlin!

vabali spa Berlin - a beautiful wellness oasis

We treated ourself with an awesome spa day last friday at the vabali spa Berlin, which we can highly recommend to everyone who lives in Berlin or is planning a trip to Germanys captial. In the middle of the city, only a few minutes walking distance from the main train station is the beautiful balinese spa

vabali spa Berlin Entrance

the entrance of the vabali spa Berlin

The vabali spa Berlin is such an incredible place to calm down, find your inner peace and forget about the daily life. It is designed very authentic with love for details. We even felt how our body starts to relax just by walking in, because they play such relaxing sounds and everything is decorated so beautiful. 

vabali spa Berlin Checkin

Friends Day at the vabali spa Berlin

The vabali spa Berlin offers a huge variety of saunas, pools and relaxing areas over 20.000 square meters and we loved every minute of our 4 hour wellness day. We relaxed in different saunas, enjoyed an half hour of silence in a room full of awesome waterbeds, where people take some time to calm down.
The vabali spa Berlin also has an incredible restaurant in the spa, where they serve delicious balinese meals. Kira and me both had the wok bowl with rice, chicken, cashew nuts and veggies in a peanut sauce. Wow it was really really good.
One of our highlights of the day was the healing earth face mask, which we did at the ladies sauna. 

vabali spa Berlin Innenpool © vabali spa Berlin

Inside pool - photo taken by vabali spa Berlin

vabali spa Berlin Außenbereich

Outside pool area - photo taken by vabali spa Berlin

vabali spa Berlin Außenpools

Outside pool area - photo taken by vabali spa Berlin

So we can highly recommend the vabali spa Berlin to everybody who lives there or plans to visit Berlin. We had such a great time and will come again soon. It is the perfect place to spend some time with good friends or as a couple. Celebrate your next anniversary/valentine's day or birthday there and I am sure you will love it too!
After our 4 hour spa we felt so light, relaxed and happy. Prices start at 20,50 Euro, which is a great deal for what you get. Find more information and opening hours on their website: vabali spa Berlin


Palm Garden Resort And Spa In Hoi An


The Palm Garden Resort & Spa IS THE PLACE TO STAY when you are in the beautiful City of Hoi An, Vietnam.

This 5 star resort has an amazing green garden with more than 400 species of palm trees and plants. It is right on the Cua Dai Beach and there are so many things to do in this Resort. Refresh yourself in the huge pool, relax at one of the comfortable chairs at the beach or enjoy a great massage in the Spa.

The Resort offers different sports: you can play Tennis, Beach Volleyball or do some water sports like kayaking.

The staff is very friendly, they serve you a welcome drink after check in, bring your bags to your room and show you the facilities to make your stay perfect!

Welcome Drink at Palm Garden

The Palm Garden Resort & Spa won different Awards and it is the Luxury Resort of the Year 2015. We can definitely confirm, that this is an amazing place and the best Resort we have ever stayed in. We felt like in heaven.

Our Room In The Palm Garden Resort & Spa

The Palm Garden Resort & Spa has 214 rooms on 5 hectars of landscape. We stayed in a bungalow in the beautiful tropical Garden facing the ocean. The room is very clean, has a comfortable queen size bed, an ocean view balcony and everything you could wish for. 


They have everything you could need in a room: a water cooker to make coffee or tea, two bottles of complimentary water and fresh fruits, a minibar and snacks and toothbrushes and paste, a comb, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body location, etc. in the bathroom.



We got beautiful fresh flowers in our room as well.


The Breakfast

In the morning they have a huge breakfast buffet in the main terrace restaurant. The guest can sit inside or outside with a good view of the pool area.

The breakfast buffet consists of müsli and cereals, every kind of bread you could think of, donuts, muffins, croissants, meat, cheese, fresh made omlettes or scrambled eggs, pancakes and waffles and a lot of different fresh fruits. You can drink coffee, tea, water, milk or different fresh fruit juices.




It is more brunch than breakfast and everything is very delicious. I could stay here forever :)

The Pool, Garden And Beach

The pool is huge, you can swim and relax and kids have their own safe area. There is also a jacuzzi for you to enjoy.


The beach is just a few steps away with nice relax chairs and sun umbrellas. If you want to you can play beach volleyball or rent a kayak or do other water sports.



The garden is maintained very well, the pool and the beach are very clean.

All in all, we love this place, we can recommend that to everybody.

The staff of the Palm Garden Resort knows what their costumers like and need and we are so happy and completely satisfied.

Find more informations about the Hotel and book it here:  Palm Garden Resort & Spa.



Not Everybody Who Travels Is Lost

I want to explain why not everybody who travels is lostWe don't run away from something, we just love to explore new countries, try different and new food and we are just not the biggest fans of the winter 😊 

Not Everybody Who Travels Is Lost

We don't have kids, house or car payments or something which holds us back! Our families are fine and healthy and we love to spend time with them, but traveling is important for us as well! Who knows if traveling will always be that cheap or if there is a reason why we can't travel that much anymore in a couple of years. 

We really don't spend a lot of money while traveling, because we always pick the cheapest flights, affordable accommodations and don't eat out all the time. By preparing your own Müsli with fresh fruits in the morning, you can save a little money every day, which makes your trip last longer!


Kayaking in El Nido in the Philippines
We like to travel to Asia because it is really affordable, you can live of 1000€ a month as a couple and enjoy the life at the most stunning beaches on earth! Asia is so beautiful and the variety of the landscape is incredible. One of our favorite countries in Asia is Thailand! We love the beaches on the islands in the south, but also the jungle life in the north. And there is another reason why we will never forget amazing Thailand, but I will save that story for another day 😀

Sairee Beach Koh Tao Thailand

Sairee Beach, Koh Tao - Thailand

You have to know that we are not really into drinking and partying which is a big money pit for most travelers. Cocktails and mixed drinks are never super cheap, but we don't really need it!
We are absolutely fine with eating street food instead of going to the nice restaurants. We like to eat like locals and ask locals for their hidden gems, where they don't charge tourist taxes. This is how we call it when business owners charge high prices because they know all the tourists can and will pay it! We like it so much better to eat authentic dishes instead of dishes which are prepared for tourists.


Jeremy & Clemens caught a fish, which was our dinner an hour later

We also go to places in the off seasons where the prices are lower to and we can catch some special deals! Isn't it much better to take a photo with less tourists on it? 

What are your travel experience? Where do you like it best? Let us know in the comments below!


not everybody who travels is lost

11 Reasons Why We Love South East Asia

After our 100 day South East Asia Trip, we want to tell you, why we love it so much there and why you should go to SEA as soon as possible!

1. Best weather 365 days a year

Sairee Beach Koh Tao Thailand

The weather in south east asia is always warm and great. It is perfect for hiking, swimming, snorkelling, diving, relaxing and just everything. Even when it rains, it is not bad at all. The high and dry season starts in November, December and lasts till February, March. In the high season the temperature is about 25 – 30 degree and it doesn’t rain much.

The wet season starts in April and lasts till Oktober and brings more rain. The rain is strong, but stops mostly after a few minutes.

But you can not predict what weather mother nature will bring. I had the best weather in Thailand in June and July and the worst in December. But I had always great times, no matter how the weather was.

2. It is affordable

I don’t know any place in Europe where you can get accommodation for less than 10 Euro a night for 2 people! In Thailand you will find places to sleep for less than 3 Euro a night and it is great!

Food, activities, massages, everything is so cheap in south east and we love it.

After 100 days traveling through asia, we were shocked to pay 20 euro for a dinner at a restaurant in Europe.

3. It is beautiful


The nature and the underwaterworld is so beautiful in SEA. Trekking through the jungle, exploring the best waterfalls, finding paradise islands, diving in another world will blow your mind.

It is an amazing place to open your eyes to something new and different!

4. Night markets are great


We love night markets. The food is so delicious, you can buy souvenirs and gifts, and get in touch with other travelers and locals.

Find our Post about the Night Market in Pai here

5. Delicious food


Food in South East Asia is great: street food is a good opportunity to try new dishes and eat a lot of different things. The fresh made fruit shakes are super delicious and there is no better place than eating at the beach!

6. You meet the best people


Traveler are the best people. They are friendly and nice, looking for great adventures and want to have a good time. It is easy to meet new people and make new friends when you are traveling alone! It is a great way to find yourself, trust others and make friendships for life!

7. The culture is amazing


South East Asias culture is amazing. It is often a mixture and influenced by Indians, Arabic, Western, Chinese, etc. cultures. You will find great art work in south east asia and I really love their paintings, music and the dances as well. Do what you love, do it often and always travel with an open mind!

8. Best massages in the world

No matter which country you are traveling, each has awesome spas. I love the Bali massages, but the Thai, Cambodian and Vietnamese Massage are great as well. They decorate their spas very beautiful, serve you delicious teas or juices and make you feel good and relaxed. The massages in south east asia are so much cheaper and better than in Europe or the USA.

9. Wild animals


There are some beautiful animals in South East Asia. We saw the most wonderful butterflies, funny monkeys, cute dogs and cats, and of course an incredible underwater world! The turtles were definetly one of our favourite animals on our trip!

10. Fitness


Traveling makes you fit! Hiking, walking, snorkeling, swimming, diving, biking, kayaking, and all the nice and fun activities will get you fit while you are traveling and enjoying your time! That is great and so much better than going to the gym and running on a treatmill.

11. Best shopping opportunities


South East Asia has a lot of gorgeous shopping opportunities. There are nice malls in every big city. We loved shopping in amazing malls in Kuala Lumpur, Saigon, Phnom Penh, Bangkok, Singapore, Sanur, Puerto Princesa, but also in tiny little shops or street stands. You can get marvelous deals in South East Asia and get good products for a good price!

traveling the world

This was 2016 - Still Traveling the World

The year 2016 was a year full of traveling the World, but mostly through America!

Traveling the World - the story continues

We did not plan it before but ended up buying a beautiful old Van in February and traveled 11 states with our new beloved mobile home in May and June! Check out our Van Life video on YouTube as well: → Amazing USA Road Trip 11 States 1 Van NO EXCUSES


Van life is simply the best

We spent an amazing time in several national parks, went to a big festival in Denver, enjoyed some time at the best beaches in California and did the highway 1, which was so beautiful and will never be forgotten!


biking at the beach in San Clemente


Yellow Stone National Park

Summer in Europe

After 3 month I had to leave the US in July, so we flew home to spend a summer in Germany!
We loved to visit Munich and went to the Oktoberfest for the very first time! I can't believe I am 29, Munich is only a 3 hours drive and I have never been there! (→ Blog Post about Oktoberfest Visit)


traditional german Dirndl & Lederhosen at Oktoberfest in Munich

Prague was another beautiful destination, where we spend a great weekend with Jeremys friend David. We participated an awesome food tour and met lovely people from Czech Republic (→Prague Foodies Tour)! The traditional food from Czech Republic was amazing and we will be back for sure. For us it is only a 4 hour drive from our german home, which makes it easy to go just for a couple of days.


Food Tour with Jeremys Friend David and Vladimir from Prague Foodies

Endless Summer in America & Mexico

Jeremy found cheap flights back to his home in America (→ How To Find Cheap Flights) and so we extended our summer a little bit and continued traveling the world! San Diego and Los Angeles are really beautiful in the fall and the weather is perfect! We attended some tv show tapings, which was completely new to me and so much fun!
I met Alicia Keys and gave her one of my handmade bracelets!!!! I still can't believe she was wearing it for her final song!

Special thanks to Jeremy's dad for taking us on a little trip to Mexico where we found the best shrimp tacos in the world!best-shrimp-tacos-mexico

I could eat that every day


Viva la Mexico

Just in time for Christmas we were heading back to our German home base to celebrate it with my family and friends! Now we are here, happy for some snow and thinking about where to go next!

What are your travel plans for this year? Do you have recommendations for us?


Funny Christmas Gifts

Christmas is coming up soon, so we are already thinking about the perfect gifts for family and friends. So we spend a little time on amazon and made you a great list of Funny Christmas Gifts!

7 Funny Christmas Gifts for Family & Friends

Dino Tea Infuser

Isn't this Dino Tea Infuser cute? You just fill your loose leaf tea in the body and hang it in our tea cup for a few minutes. The head of the dino will stick out and look funny and cute! My mum and grandma love tea so that could be an additional little gift for them.




Happy Cereals Bowl

We have 2 of these beautiful cereal bowls, one happy and one sad face and truely love them. They have the perfect size for our cereal & fruits in the morning but also for dips or desserts. They look really funny and sweeten our day!I also got them as a gift a couple of years ago and we use them almost every day.



Whatever Wall Clock

Doesn't everybody have that special friend who is always late? But we love them anyways and I think this is a really funny and creative gift as well as a nice reminder to be on time for your next date haha! This funny Wall Clock has a great size and is an eye catcher in every living room!





Cup - Have A Nice Day

I saw this HAVE A NICE DAY cup and I think it is so funny! On the white cup it has says "have a NICE day" and at the bottom of the cup is the middle finger! I know somebody who would love that cup as well, so I guess we will buy that as a funny christmas gift!  A perfect present for a morning muffle to start in the day with a smile!



Ice Cream Cone Lasercut Wooden Journal

This is not only funny, it is also very cute and creative! This ice cream notebook is handmade, a ice cream cone was cut out of the wooden journal. I really love that kind of style and it is unique! A perfect gift for a lovely friend, who likes to write down some notes and loves icecream!

Speaking Bullshit Button

I had a button like this years ago and I loved it! It was a present from a colleague and friend. We used it at work and had a great time with unforgettable memories!

Gun And Target Recordable Alarm Clock

This funny christmas gift should be a present is for somebody who uses the snooze button way too often. With this gun alarm clock you need to blast the bullseye to "earn" 5 extra minutes of snooze. Isn't it a funny alarm clock?





Beste Bücher für diesen Winter

In den kalten, grauen und regnerischen Wintermonaten gibt es für mich nichts schöneres als mich in meine Kuscheldecke auf dem Sofa einzumummeln oder mich in die warme Badewanne zu legen und ein gutes Buch zu lesen. Deswegen habe ich mir heute mal gedacht, ich erstelle für euch eine Liste der schönsten & beste Bücher für diesen Winter!

Beste Bücher Winter 2016

Ich liebe es einen guten Thriller oder eine schöne Liebesgeschichte zu lesen. Wenn ich ein neues Buch anfange, kann ich mich in eine andere Welt einfinden und alles um mich herum vergessen. Da ich die meisten Bücher auf deutsch lese, schreibe ich heute auch mal auf Deutsch :)

Ich lese jedes einzelne Buch auf meinem geliebten Kindle Paperwhite. Mehr dazu am Ende dieses Artikels!


Ich liebe alle Bücher von Lori Nelson Spielmann, "Und Nebenan Warten Die Sterne" ist das neuste, das Ende September erschienen ist. Ich habe es innerhalb von 2 Tagen verschlungen, weil ich einfach echt mal wieder nicht aufhören konnte zu lesen. Das Buch handelt von der Mama Erika, die 2 fast gleichaltrige Töchter Annie und Krissie hat, aber von ihrem Mann geschieden ist. Durch einen schlimmen Zwischenfall wird die Familie getrennt und alle haben große Probleme das Geschehene zu verarbeiten... Ich möchte euch echt nicht zu viel verraten und hoffe ich hab euch neugierig gemacht. Dieses Buch ist ein MUSS in diesem Winter!

PETRA HÜLSMANN - Glück Ist Wenn Man Trotzdem Liebt

Das Buch "Glück ist, wenn man trotzdem liebt" von Petra Hülsmann ist ein wunderschöner Roman über die junge Frau Isabelle, die einen Job und ein gut strukturiertes Privatleben hat. Doch als plötzlich ihr Leben wie ein Kartenhaus zusammenfällt und alles an das sie früher geglaubt hat, anders und falsch zu sein scheint, beginnt sie endlich mal sich etwas zu trauen! Ein Buch über das Leben und die Liebe, die man nicht suchen sollte, sondern von der man gefunden wird! Es wird euch gefallen, glaubt mir




Ajahn Brahm - Der Elefant, der das Glück vergaß: Buddhistische Geschichten, um Freude in jedem Moment zu finden

Dieses Buch "Der Elefant, der das Glück vergaß" von Ajahn Brahm ist für alle, die sich manchmal vom schlechten Wetter und der dunklen Jahreszeit anstecken lassen! Das Buch ist ein absolutes Glücksbuch, das nur so vor Energie, positiven Worten und Gedanken strotzt. Das tolle an diesem Buch ist, dass es super schöne Kurzgeschichten sind, die meisten wirklich nur 1-5 Minuten lang. Ich hab schon so oft aus diesem Buch zitiert, wenn es mal einem Freund nicht so gut ging. Es steckt einfach so viel Wahrheit und so viele tolle Weisheiten in diesen Kurzgeschichten. Lese dieses Buch und du wirst das Leben gleich viel leichter nehmen!



JESSICA KOCH - Dem Horizont So Nah

Dieses Buch "Dem Horizont so nah" von Jessica Koch habe ich gestern angefangen zu lesen! Meine liebe Freundin Kira hat es mir empfohlen, weil sie total begeistert davon ist! Es handelt von der jungen Frau Jessica, die auf Denny trifft, der von seiner Kindheit traumatisiert ist. Ich bin gespannt wie es ausgeht und so wie ich mich kenne, werde ich es in den nächsten Tagen dann auch schon fertig lesen!





"Superfoods - Kraftpakete aus der Natur" von Susanna Bingemer ist echt empfehlenswert! Ich befasse mich gerade wieder mal etwas näher mit guter und gesunder Ernährung und gerade im Winter ist es super wichtig, gesund zu bleiben. Granatapfel ist meine absolute Lieblingsfrucht momentan, aber auch Goji-Beeren, Blaubeeren, sowie Gemüse steht bei uns immer auf dem Speiseplan! Dieses Buch versorgt euch mit super Infos, welche Zutaten euch und eurem Körper zu mehr Energie und Gesundheit verhelfen!
Tut eurem Körper etwas Gutes und bleibt Gesund diesen Winter!

Kindle Paperwhite - Ein Must Have und ein tolles Weihnachtsgeschenk für Groß und Klein

Nochmal zu meinem Kindle Paperwhite! Jedes Mal wenn ich in Urlaub gefahren bin, hat es mich fast verrückt gemacht mich für 1-2 Bücher zu entscheiden und da ich oft auch dickere Bücher lese, war das dann richtig sperrig im Koffer oder Handgepäck und auch schwer. Deswegen hab ich mich vor knapp 4 Jahren für den Kindle Paperwhite entschieden und bin wirklich 100%ig zufrieden. Ich habe mittlerweile knapp 150 Bücher auf dem Kindle und finde es so super, dass es nie mehr vorkommt, dass mir im Urlaub der Lesestoff ausgeht! Das Kindle wiegt auch nur unglaubliche 161 gramm. Viele meiner Bücher waren früher immer schon 500 Gramm schwer!
Ich habe auch schon 2 mal einen Kindle Paperwhite verschenkt, einmal an meine liebe Mama und den 2. an meinen Freund Jeremy, weil es wirklich super praktisch ist und sich das Geld sowas von lohn!

Unser Lieblingstee - Chinesischer Sencha von Teekanne

So zu guter Letzt möchte ich euch noch unseren absoluten Lieblingstee vorstellen: Chinesischer Sencha von Teekanne. Seit über 2 Jahren trinken wir diesen super leckeren Tee schon fast täglich. Die Geschmacksrichtung ist Holunderblüte/Apfel. Ich mag eigentlich absolut keine Früchtetees und trinke lieber Kraäutertees, aber das ist mit Abstand der beste Tee überhaupt! Danke an meine Freundin Caro, die mir diesem Tee mal geschenkt hat und ich so auf den Geschmack gekommen bin!
Lasst es euch gutgehen in diesem Winter! Lehnt euch mit einem guten Roman zurück und genießt eine Tasse Tee.


Hiking in San Diego - Torrey Pines Hike

One of our favorite things to Do in San Diego is the Torrey Pines Hike at the Torrey Pines State Park ❤️

We really enjoy being in the nature especially at the beach and hiking is something we like as well. The Torrey Pines State Park combines both and we truely love it. Last week we hiked there twice and want to share our experience with you today!


Torrey Pines offers amazing views of the ocean while you hike at the beautiful coastline and you meet great people as well. Yesterday we met such a lovely lady who told us that she is participating in an adult painting course and she was painting a wonderful picture of the coast. She also gave us a great secret tip of another beautiful thing to do in San Diego! So be ready for my next post :)

Parking at Torrey Pines

torrey-pines-state-reserveWe parked at the free parking direct at the beach and walked all the way up. It is really nice to walk in the sand along the beach for a little bit before starting the hike. It is so fun for us to watch the surfers catchings waves, the kids going buggyboarding and others just relaxing at the beach.

But if you don't want to walk so much, you can drive up and start from there! Unfortunately I don't know if they charge for parking there, but I do think so!

Torrey Pines Hike - Beauty of Nature


There are several trails and we enjoyed all of them. But my favorite trail was the beach trail which offers an incredible view of the blue ocean, the sandy trails and the green landscape. I wish I could bring all of you here to see it with your own eyes!



The hike is not very hard, especially if you would drive all the way up to the parking spots. We really love it and went there twice last week!

Have you been to Torrey Pines? Did you like the hike as much as we did? What was your favorite hike in the world? Let us know in the comments below!

We send you love and sun from San Diego ❤

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Travel Cheap #2: How To Get The Best Deals On Cheap Flights

As I told you in the last Blog post, we always book cheap flights and hotels online, because it is way cheaper and I trust the reviews of other people! Today I want to explain you how to get the best deals on cheap flights!

Our Experiences with cheap flights

A couple of weeks ago Jeremy booked our flights from Frankfurt to Los Angeles and back home for both of us for $ 794, which is less than $ 200 for each flight! Isn't that an amazing deal?

Last Christmas we flew home from Bangkok to Cologn, Germany for 180€ per person. Direct flight!


Often the cheap airlines don't serve you complimentary food or drinks, which is okay for us. We even like it better to make our sandwiches at home or buy it somewhere because it tasts better than the airplane food.
So all in all we were always happy with our cheap flights and we would always prefer cheap flights without food and drinks!

Skyscanner - our favorite Website for cheap flights

So the best way to get cheap flights is to book them online and to be a little flexible with your dates! Our favorite website and app (iOs and Android) is Skyscanner! Try it out here!

If you have any questions, or you want us helping you to find a great deal, just commend below!


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