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My name is Ina and I come from the great german city of Würzburg. I started traveling at a very young age. My father planned trips for our family every year and I was able to see so many beautiful places. I have been to Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Greece, not to mention all over Germany. I made my first trip on my own when I was only 17 visiting the party island, Palma de Mallorca, and from then on I was hooked.

After completing my degree in computer science in 2012 I celebrated by taking some time off to travel. I had heard so many wonderful stories from friends about traveling and I wanted to experience it for myself. So a friend and I decided on a 7 week tour through Southeast Asia. To say the least, the trip changed my life. It opened my eyes and helped me see the world differently. My trip to Thailand taught me that anything is possible and it made me want to travel even more.

In total, I have visited 15 countries on 4 separate continents. Some of my favorite travel memories come from my trips with AIDA Cruises. I am a big fan of travel cruises because they are well organized and they enable you to experience something completely new every day. All together I have visited the Canary Islands, Greek Islands, the Caribbean and the eastern United States with AIDA Cruises.

I have recently fallen in love with backpacking. It offers me a sense of freedom and empowers me to create my own journey. My goal is to travel around the world and share my experiences with you on this travel blog. I want to encourage everyone to travel often because I believe it opens our minds. But most of all, I encourage you to do what you love and do it often because life is short and the possibilities are endless.

♥ Ina



Hello Everyone!

My name is Jeremy and ever since I can remember I have had a passion for traveling. I remember learning about Christopher Columbus as a kid and being fascinated with the idea of becoming an explorer. It was then that my desire for traveling began and I decided that one day I would travel around the world.

Since my first trip abroad in 2012, I have visited more than 14 different countries and am currently learning my third language. My goal right now is to travel to every country in Europe, South East Asia, and the Americas. There is so much to be learned from traveling to different countries and meeting different people. I have discovered that most of my favorite places in the world are the ones you can’t find on a map and most people, even Google, don’t even know exist. I’ve met some of the most intelligent, inspiring, and passionate people on my journey that have changed my life forever.

I decided that the reason I want to blog is to keep an account of my journey while at the same time providing my fellow travelers with valuable advice, travel tools, and the confidence you may need to begin planning your next trip. I remember when I first started traveling I had so many questions such as, “Where should I travel?” and “Where am I going to get the money to pay for it?” If you are interested in traveling somewhere but still have a list of questions I encourage you to follow this blog. We will be updating it weekly with stories of our journey, travel tips, and much more so stay tuned.

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