Adrian Hotel Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel - A wonderful Family Vacation

Adrian Hotel Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel

A wonderful Family Vacation

25. March 20220 Comments8 Minutes

Every winter we need a little break from the cold weather. With kids the winter can be especially exhausting.
So this winter we planned a two week Tenerife trip for February/March. It`s Jeremy birthday on 26th of February so its always a great gift as well 😀


Second family trip as a family of 4

It was our second trip with two kids and before every flight we are always super nervous now. Before, when it was only Jeremy and I, it was so much easier and I slept most of the flight time anyway.
Our flight to Tenerife was at 8:30 am, which meant we had to leave home around 5 am. So Jeremy and I woke up at 4, showered, drank a cup of coffee and got everything ready before we brought the sleeping kids in the car. We left on time and made it to the airport at 6 am. Since we don’t really have anyone who can drive us to the airport we always just park the car there (book it in advance) and walk to the terminal.

The flight to Tenerife with the 2 boys

It is a 4.30/5h flight from Frankfurt to Tenerife. We booked one of the first rows, so we would have a little more space than normal. Since Liam is two years old already, he has his own seat. Liam got to sit in the middle between Jeremy and I and it was pretty smooth. Milo fell asleep in Jeremys arms and Liam played on my lap most of the time and took a little nap as well after 3h of flight time.
It was a good flight (but wait for the return flight 😀 )


The first five star hotel Roca Nivaria for little Milo

From the airport we took a taxi, which took about 25 minutes to get to the Adrian Hotel Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel. From the first impression on we absolutely loved the hotel, the atmosphere, the staff and of course the food (always very important!).
This is such an incredible hotel for the whole family. The kids have so many areas where they can play and have fun. And to us that’s the most important: if the kids don’t like it, we can’t enjoy it either.

The rooms at the Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel

We had a very nice room super close to the main pool area which was the perfect spot for us. Not sure anymore but I think there are 6 levels and we were on the 1st floor, which has the access to the pools. The room was about 42 square meter, which was perfect for us as a family. We enjoyed sitting on the balcony a lot, especially when the kids or one of them took his nap!

Milo had a little crib and Liam slept in the big bed with us. But there was another bed for Liam.

The Pools at the Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel

The Roca Nivaria has 2 big pool areas and a huge children pool area. The kids pools are separat from the other areas and also have a playground included. We loved the main pool, which had a tiny baby pool as well and it was surrounded by palm trees. Not to mention the picturesque infinity pool.


The Food at the Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel

The food and the variety at the Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel was fabulous. The breakfast was served from 7 until 10.30 am in the main restaurant. It was a buffet with a great amount of variety. They offered the english breakfast (bacon, eggs, sausages, beans in tomatoe sauce, …) with a wide range of different bread and rolls as well as churros, pancakes and warm pastries. Jeremy loved the very delicious fresh fruits and joghurts and Milo started eating melon every day. Liam asked 5 times a day for the pancakes with nutella, he is our little one with the sweet tooth!

The lunch was served at the pool area with an amazing view of the ocean.  They had spanish style lunch mixed with german/english/italian variations. It was very tasty as well. For Milo we could always order the puree, which he liked most of the time. Liam just wanted chicken nuggets and fried calamari most of the days.


The dinner was by far our favorite. We loved the steaks. Most nights we had the medium rare Entrecôt with different style potatoes and garlic bread. We also enjoyed the theme nights and the mexican night was my favorite. The tacos and burritos were incredibly delicious!

We had all inclusive, but we didn´t really need it, since we don´t drink much alcohol and most of the nights went to bed super early with the kids. But of course it makes things a lot easier if you have little ones.

The Flight back to Germany

Our flight back home was a 10 out of 10. Both boys handled it so well and Liam slept almost 3h, which he never does on a normal day. We arrived at Frankfurt airport around 7 pm (1 hour time difference) and the kids slept in the car ride home as well.

Money Saving Tip for the Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel

We booked our hotel stay with our local Tui travel agency. Later we found out that it would have been even cheaper to sign up for the Adrian Hotel Club. So if you are not booking this beautiful Hotel as a package, then sign up and save some money.

One of our favorite Hotels around the Globe

This was our favorite vacation with the boys so far and we will come back to the Adrian Hotel Roca Nivaria for sure. We have a few more trips coming up the next couple of month, but hopefully we will be back in fall. We can highly recommend this wonderful hotel to everyone, no matter if you are looking for a couple vacation or a vacation with kids.



Adrian Hotel Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel – A wonderful Family Vacation

Every winter we need a little break from winter. Especially with kids it can be really exhausting to always dress…

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Traveling with a baby and a 2 year old

Traveling with a baby and a 2 year old

At the Barcelo Corralejo Sands

16. January 20220 Comments4 Minutes

Our first trip as a family of 4 was to one of our favourite islands: FUERTEVENTURA, where we stayed at the Barcelo Corralejo Sands in a wonderful family suite. We have been to Fuerteventura so many times as a couple, we know the area and love the beach, the vibe, the walking and shopping street and of course the all year round great weather.

So we booked the trip pretty much last minute, canceled the trip a few weeks before, because our 2 year old had a little accident in Kindergarten and needed stitches on his chin. But this time everything looked good and worked out pretty well.

We drove about 1h to Frankfurt Airport, both kids slept in the car yeah! Little 5 month old Milo hates the car and this was a huge win to have a smooth car ride. We parked at the airport, waited in line for checkin and boarded the plane. The flight to Fuerteventura went pretty well, both kids slept for a little while and we finally made it to the sunshine. It felt so good to be back after 2 years and so many cancelations because of Covid.
Since we booked our flights and the Hotel separate, we took a taxi to Corralejo, which is in the north of the beautiful island. It was a 30 minute taxi drive and Liam loved to look out of the window and Milo was also doing pretty good.

When we arrived at the Hotel – the BARCELO CORRALEJO SANDS in the late afternoon. We walked around the hotel area to see the amenities and already knew we would love the hotel. We unpacked a little, changed out clothes and went to dinner to feed our hungry little ones.

the BARCELO CORRALEJO SANDS in the late afternoon

We stayed a total of 10 days and the highlight for our 2 year old Liam was the amazing kids pool and the playground. He had so much fun in the kids club, where he went with one of us and where ALISA from the animation team took care of him. He really loved her and still talks about her. She went down the slide with him, played with him and did the mini disco at the pool area almost every night at 6 pm right before heading to dinner.

kids pool and play area at the BARCELO CORRALEJO SANDS

Liam and Daddy going down the slide

Of course Liam also loved the beach. He called it “Riesensandkasten”, which means huge sand pit. Little Baby Milo loved to sleep in the stroller to our early walks to the beach.

This is us – at the harbour in Corralejo

mornings at the beach in october

We can highly recommend this wonderful Hotel and will return for sure. Our next trip is already planned for February to Tenerife.

Please let me know in the comments if you have been to the Canary Islands and which your favourite is!

Ina and the boys



Adrian Hotel Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel – A wonderful Family Vacation

Every winter we need a little break from winter. Especially with kids it can be really exhausting to always dress…

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Traveling with a baby and a 2 year old

Our first trip as a family of 4 was to one of our favourite islands: FUERTEVENTURA, where we stayed at the Barcelo…

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CELES Beachfront Resort - The BEST Hotel In Koh Samui, Thailand

CELES Beachfront Resort

The BEST Hotel In Koh Samui, Thailand

3. January 20190 Comments4 Minutes

We spent four wonderful days in the beautiful Celes Beachfront Resort. We really enjoyed our holiday there and highly recommend the hotel to anyone planning a holiday in Koh Samui. The newly opened beach resort is just perfect.

We were warmly welcomed by the hotel staff. We were served in the open lobby a welcome cocktail and a delicious coconut ice cream.


beautiful & modern reception at CELES Beachfront Resort


yummy welcome drink and delicious coconut ice cream

Our room was very spacious and clean as well as modern furnished. The bed is huge and totally comfortable. We had a great terrace with seating. The bathroom is very modern and equipped with everything you need. In addition to the normal shower, there is an outdoor shower, which was a very unique addition to the room. Every hotel room has a great coffee maker and a basket of fresh fruits was arranged for us.


we were so happy with this amazing room – CELES Beachfront


bathroom with flowers and scented humidifier

Our hotel room was only a few meters from the beautiful infinity pool and the white sand beach. Next to the pool is a great pool bar, where delicious drinks as well as coffee is served. All the guest recieve clean towels for the pool or the beach at the Pool Bar every day. The lounge chairs at the pool area are super comfortable and we spent a lot of time at the pool overlooking the ocean.


best infinity pool – we loved it

The breakfast buffet in the SeaGrille Restaurant was excellent. The selection of Thai and western food was great. We loved everything we tried and talked to the very nice and friendly Chef several times. Especially recommended are the super tasty homemade jams, the freshly squeezed juices and the delicious coffee. 


breakfast with an incredible view at Celes SeaGrille 

We also had a very special dinner with outstanding delicious food and great cocktails at the SeaGrille Restaurant. The ambience at this beautiful Restaurant is incredible. We really loved the nautic decoration and the great atmosphere. The seafood dish was excellent and I ate the best dessert ever there: the Coconut parfait on mango and strawberries!


a perfect dinner at the SeaGrille Restaurant

The CELES Beachfront Resort has everything you could wish for on a great vacation. There is a very nice library with a iMac for guests, a gym with new equipment and a super nice Spa, where great deals are offered to the hotel guests.


The location of the hotel is excellent. It is still a few steps to beautiful beach restaurants and about a 10 minute walk to the night market and Fischerman’s Village. 

We are planning to come back next year because we really loved the Celes Beachfront Resort. A hotel like this is not so easy to find in Thailand. 



CELES Beachfront Resort – The BEST Hotel In Koh Samui, Thailand

We spent four wonderful days in the beautiful Celes Beachfront Resort. We really enjoyed our holiday there and highly…

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Our Private Villa At Shiva Samui – A Very Unique Experience

We spent 3 wonderful days in one of the charming villas at Shiva Samui and had an amazing time! The beautiful and…

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aiyapura koh chang

A Tropical Vacation At The Aiyapura Resort Koh Chang

After a couple of weeks in Bali, we planned another 2 weeks in Thailand to explore a new island, where we have never…

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10 Things To Do In California

On our 3 month USA Road Trip we drove through 11 states with a van and at the end we realized how much we love California! Driving down the highway 1 was such a great time and we created unforgettable memories. You all should know about these 10 things to do in California before planning your next vacation!

Today we want to tell you about our Californian Highlights

10 Things to Do in California

1 Drive the highway 1

Driving down the Highway was so amazing. We stopped at a lot of calm and beautiful beaches on the road. We enjoyed that it was not crowded like the touristy places.


2 Relax on the beaches in San Diego

San Diego is one of our favorite cities in the world! We had great beach days at PB and the weather was always perfect. We can't wait to be back there!


3 Enjoy the beauty of nature in the Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is probably one of the best national park in the world. It is fun to go hiking and enjoy the good air in the nature.


5 Go to a Baseball Game

I went to my first Baseball Game a couple of month ago and it was really exciting. We had a lot of fun watching the LA Dodgers win!


5 Eat delicious mexican food on Taco Tuesday

You will get the best mexican food in California. On Tuesdays most of the mexican restaurants have a special called Taco Tuesday and they sell tacos really cheap. I love the free chips and salsa and the delicious food.


6 Cross the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

San Francisco is a beautiful city and we had so much fun there. We will never forget crossing the Golden Gate Bridge after our photo stop there :)


7 Watch a stunning sunset

My favorite sunset was in San Clemente! We love watching sunsets and the sunsets in Cali are breathtaking...


8 Drive a bike at the beach

We drove our bikes in San Clemente at the beach as well as at a lot of other Californian beaches. It is so much fun to be right at the ocean and feel the breeze.


9 Go to a nice shopping mall

California has really nice shopping malls and good prices. Don't miss out on this opportunity!


10 Get the best burger and fries at In'n'out

In'n'out has really delicious and fresh burgers! If you want to eat something really fast, In'n'out is the best place. I like that the potatoes are cut right in front of your eyes.


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Our Private Villa At Shiva Samui - A Very Unique Experience

We spent 3 wonderful days in one of the charming villas at Shiva Samui and had an amazing time!
The beautiful and spacious villas invite you to relax and enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Our villa with our own private pool made it a very special and unique experience.

shiva-samui-beachBeach Swing - Shiva Samui

Shiva Samui, Koh Samui Thailand

Our villa at Shiva Samui had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a very large kitchen, which was directly connected to the open dining area and the living room! The highlight was definitely our own pool! We felt very comfortable in the well lit and beautifully furnished villa! It was the perfect combination of thai furniture and modern style. Let me show you our beautiful vacation home away from home!


our villa with private pool - we love it


our beautiful living room at Shiva Samui

The living room was really huge. Our villa had really nice paintings as well as beautiful statues. The living room, the dining area as well as the kitchen had access to the amazing garden and the pool.


well lit dining area with pool and garden view

We really liked the open living situation and enjoyed every day at our Villa at Shiva Samui. The main rooms had a really nice garden and pool view. The lush green and tropical garden was amazing.


beautiful master bedroom - Shiva Samui

Beautiful beach vibes at the Shiva Samui

Our villa was only a few steps away from the white sand beach and the great Shiva Samui Beach Club, where a lot of activities and sports are offered.


Shiva Samui Beach Club

Right next to the big pool at the Shiva Samui Beach Club is a restaurant, where fresh and super delicious food is served. The breakfast buffet offered a great variety of thai-cuisine and western food. We tried many different dishes and everything was very delicious.


we loved the beach swings

Shiva Samui is a great place to spend a lovely vacation. We absolutely enjoyed our stay and can highly recommend it to everybody who is planning to come to Koh Samui, Thailand. These villas are perfect for families, as well as couples or a group of friends. Shiva Samui has villas for up to 8 people and all of them look stunning!

Watch our video and let us show you the amazing Shiva Samui


Chaantalay Hotel - The Best Hotel In Koh Tao

This is our 4th trip to Koh Tao and we are so happy that we found the beautiful Chaantalay Hotel in Koh Tao. It is the perfect place for us to spend a great vacation.

The hotel rooms are really big and modern furnished with a cosy queen bed, a flatscreen tv, A/C and a ceiling fan. The bathroom along with the room are exceptionally clean. We really enjoyed the sitting area and of course our beautiful balcony overlooking the pool and the restaurant area.

Chaantalay Koh Tao

our amazing hotel room at the Chaantalay Hotel

Chaantalay Koh Tao Room

We love the pool area and the relax chairs provided. After a day trip or a few hours at the beach, it felt so good to cool off in the beautiful pool and relax. Our lovely balcony was overlooking the pool area as you can see in the photo:


our balcony with pool view

The Chaantalay Hotel is in the perfect location: it is located in the middle of Haad Sai Ree city, close to the beautiful Sairee beach with a huge variety of good restaurants and bars as well as many options to book some good snorkel/diving and day trips. The Hotel rents out scooters for the day and you can book some day trips like a snorkeling day trip around the island at the reception.

Sairee Beach Koh Tao

Sairee Beach

We really fell in love with the hotel. The owner did a great job with the modern style, the beautiful and colorful details and the open concept. The staff is always friendly and nice.


the beautiful reception at the Chaantalay Hotel


restaurant area at our lovely Hotel in Koh Tao

We can highly recommend the Chaantalay Hotel to everybody who is planning a trip to Koh Tao. We absolutely loved this place and we hope to come back soon.

inaya putri bali

Great Times @ INAYA PUTRI BALI in Nusa Dua

Our time in Bali is coming to an end, but the last 4 days couldn't have been any better. Our final destination of our 2 weeks in Bali was Nusa Dua and we stayed for 3 nights at the wonderful INAYA PUTRI BALI resort. Everything has been perfect and we can highly recommend this amazing hotel to everyone who plans to visit Bali!

inaya pool ina

Our deluxe room with pool access was one of the best hotel rooms we have ever stayed at and we were highly impressed by the whole resort and the exceptional food at their restaurants.

deluxe rooms inaya putri Bali

tropical lush garden & our deluxe room with pool access

private pool at inaya purti bali

our perfect balcony



The INAYA PUTRI BALI is blessed with a huge tropical garden, which makes this resort a very special and happy place. It is directly at the beautiful white sand beach and offers everything you could wish for on a perfect vacation.

white sand beach INAYA PUTRI BALI

white sand beach @ INAYA PUTRI BALI

The hotel is located in a secure gated area in Nusa Dua and is only a 30 minute drive away from the airport.

Gading Restaurant at INAYA PUTRI BALI

We ate every day at the Gading Restaurant and loved every single meal. The food was super fresh and very delicious. We tried international food as well as the local cuisine. Our favorite meal was the Australian Black Angus Beef Tenderloin from the Charcoal Grill, which was the best steak we have ever had!!!

lunch at the beach
Lunch at the Gading Restaurant with pool/beach view

lunch inaya purti bali
delicious Caesar Salad at the Gading Restaurant

Special Events at the INAYA PUTRI BALI

On Wednesday and Friday we enjoyed a Cultural Night BBQ Dinner at the INAYA PUTRI BALI, where we got to experience a traditional Balinese Dance. This was a really magical time and we enjoyed the artistic spirit.
After the performance we could take a photo with the dancers.

bali dance inaya
Cultural Night BBQ Dinner

The staff is excellent and everybody was very friendly and always willing to help. 

Plan Your Vacation at the INAYA PUTRI BALI

Treat yourself with an unforgettable vacation at the INAYA PUTRI BALI! You deserve the best and you only live once! Bali is one of our favorite islands and we hope it is on your travel bucket list as well! More information about this exceptional resort here:

aiyapura koh chang

A Tropical Vacation At The Aiyapura Resort Koh Chang

Aiya Pura Resort Koh Chang

amazing view at the Aiyapura Resort Koh Chang

After a couple of weeks in Bali, we planned another 2 weeks in Thailand to explore a new island, where we have never been before. We have been to Thailand 5 times in the last couple of years, but never visited Koh Chang! So we hopped on a bus and a ferry and 10 hours later we are back to island life, where we stayed at the beautiful Aiyapura Koh Chang!

Koh Chang - A Tropical Paradise

Koh Chang is a wonderful island, which is located near the border to Cambodia, about 170 miles from Bangkok. This was our first time visiting Koh Chang and we really like the Island with its tropical rainforests and mountains as well as the white sand beaches. 

The Aiyapura Resort Koh Chang

aiyapura view balcony

We stayed at The Aiyapura Resort, which is a beautiful place to spend a peaceful and relaxing vacation. It is only a 10 minute drive from the pier, where we arrived with the ferry. The resort ground is huge and offers a incredible scenic view of the ocean. After arrival we received a delicious welcome drink at the reception, before we were the shown our great sea view bungalow. The staff also took us on a little ride with the golf cart around the whole resort, where he took a photo of us at the view point.

aiyapura viewpoint

We especially enjoyed the big terrace of our sea view bungalow with the amazing ocean view, where Jeremy loved to play his guitar. 

This is a very exclusive resort with a gated entrance with access to its own private beach and pier. We always felt save and had a really good time!

In the tropical garden are so many different animals like peacocks, which create a very special and magical atmosphere. Every morning we woke up with the sound of the tropical animals singing!

aiyapura peacock

The Aiyapura Koh Chang has a pool and a private beach as well as its own pier! It was a very special time we spent at the Aiyapura Resort and we loved it! 

Aiyapura Resort Pier

They offer so many fun activities like biking, kayaking and the highlight is the jump mania, where you can spend a great time jumping around on the huge indoor trampolines.

ao kao white sand beach resort

Our Dreams Came True At Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort

We picked the little Island Koh Mak as our last beach destination before we are headed back to Bangkok, where our flight leaves to Germany! Koh Mak is about 190miles away from Bangkok and is located between Koh Chang and Koh Kood! Thanks to the Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort for a great time!

Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort - Our Happy Place

We stayed at the beautiful Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort, which is a incredible resort and we can highly recommend it to everybody who plans to visit Koh Mak!

Let me show you around the Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort. 

aokao resort view

view from our bungalow rooftop

The Ao Kao resort is just perfect! The bungalows are very very nice, really big, super clean, furnished with a big bed, a sofa with a table and a TV! The bathrooms are huge as well and it is enough space to spend a great vacation there as a couple of as a family! The Ao Kao Resort has everything you need for the perfect vacation: a great pool, a private beach, tennis court, a beach bar, kayaks to rent, scooters, which you can take around the whole islands and much more.

aokao resort pool

pool at the Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort

Aokao White Sand Beach Resort

Warm Welcome At The Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort

At arrival the staff served us a delicious welcome drink and handed us a map of the island and explained where all the good sights are. They showed us our bungalow which is in a beautiful lush garden! They arranged the flowers on the bed to spell out "welcome Ina", which I think is so cute and shows how much love they put in the resort to make the guests happy! I've never seen that before, so I was really surprised about this lovely gesture!


best welcome arrangement ever

We immediately fell in love with the incredible rooftop, which every bungalow has! The view was amazing and we loved to relax there on the lounge chairs. Because there is a roof on top, you can relax in the shade. There are so many pink flowers and the whole resort and garden is very well maintained. 

rooftop aokao resort

Ao Kao Restaurant - Koh Mak

We ate many times at the Ao Kao Restaurant, which served super delicious food. The breakfast was included and very tasty. The staff prepared fresh scrambled eggs or omletts as well as my favorite pancakes with banana and chocolate sauce. We could sit right at the ocean with a view of the surrounding islands. A speciality was the homemade fruit jellys, which we loved with our toasts.

aokao breakfast

We really enjoyed every single day of our stay at the Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort. The weather was perfect, so we had the chance to explore the island by scooter as well. We had fun times in the clear water, snorkeling and enjoying our last days at the beach for the next couple of month!

The Perfect Resort in Koh Mak

This Resort is awesome and we can highly recommend it to you! We hope we will be back there soon!

Ao Kao White Sand Beach

aokao Resort koh mak


Kayumanis Sanur - The Idyllic Escape For Couples

After our short trip to the Gili Islands, we arrived on Friday in Sanur, Bali, where we stayed at The Gangsa Private Villa by Kayumanis, currently known as Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa and Spa for the weekend. The staff greeted us with a warm welcome and we were overwhelmed with so many wonderful gifts upon our arrival. We recieved beautiful welcome flowers, refreshing cold towels, very delicious welcome drinks, which we were able to choose from the menu, as well as a 15 minute welcome massage at the Rebab Spa, which belongs to The Gangsa Private Villas. The nice ladies at the spa asked us to choose between a head, shoulder or foot massage. Jeremy picked the foot massage and I decided for the shoulder massage. We both really loved it and enjoyed every minute of the welcome massage. The pressure was perfect and we felt very good and relaxed.

welcome at the gangsa

delicious welcome drink with welcome flowers

Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa and Spa, Bali

After the great welcome massage we could check into our incredible private villa called Jogogan. Arya showed us the way and opened the door for us to show us the villa and we were so impressed. We did not expect it to be so spacious and luxurious.

the gangsa private villas by kayumanis

so in love with our private villa and the tropical garden

It is the perfect escape in an idyllic home away from home with a tropical atmosphere and local charm. 

Take a look at our beautiful home for the weekend:

the gangsa private villa by Kayumanis

our luxury private villa "Jogogan"

At the outside of our villa is a huge living room with a sofa, relax chairs and a tv as well as a kitchen and a table. In the inside is our lovely bedroom and the huge bathroom with an open shower and a bathtub.

the gangsa bedroom

our beautiful bedroom at our private villa

Everything was prepared so beautiful for our stay and we fell in love with the design of the whole villa.

On the upstairs is another room with a sofa and a desk as well as a balcony overlooking the nice pool.

The tropcial garden of our private villa is gorgeous: everything is so green and well maintained with beautiful flowers. We were awaken by little birds singing outside in our garden every morning.

The breakfast is served in the gong restaurant or in the private villa. They offer a huge variety of delicious local and international food. Everything we had was homemade and super delicious. We loved the homemade strawberry and pineapple jellies as well as the Bali coffee and the fresh pressed orange juice. They also make the best banana pancake in the world! I wish I could wake up every single day to a perfect breakfast like at the gangsa private villas by kayumanis!

breakfast the gangsa bali

the perfect breakfast at Kayumanis Sanur

The staff serves high tea every afternoon between 2.30 and 5 in our private villa. We just make a call whenever we are ready for it and somebody comes to set up the table in our living room with tea and coffee and super delicious snacks: sandwiches, pastries and cookies.

the gangsa high tea

high tea time - served in our private villa

high tea at the gangsa

excellent snacks in the afternoon

The villas are not direct at the beach, but Tha Gangsa Private Villas by Kayumanis, currently known as Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa and Spa have drivers to bring us to the beach and the Sanur city area, which is perfect. We actually like that the luxury villas are a little away from everything and we are surrounded by the beauty of nature. It is very calm here and that was exactly what we were wishing for!

The Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa ans Spa is the perfect escape for couples as well as for families. It is also an incredible place for a honeymoon or anniversary vacation with the love of your life. 

We had an amazing time here in our private Villa Jogogan and will always remember this perfect weekend with the excellent service.

Book your perfect escape to Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa And Spa here:

On the 1st of April 2017 The Gangsa by Kayumanis changed their name into Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa & Spa and the villas got a redesign as well. We were very happy to see the model villa and we can tell you it looks awesome. The new design is really incredible, the whole exterior will be in a lighter shade of color and it is very inviting.