Every winter we need a little break from the cold weather. With kids the winter can be especially exhausting.
So this winter we planned a two week Tenerife trip for February/March. It`s Jeremy birthday on 26th of February so its always a great gift as well 😀


Second family trip as a family of 4

It was our second trip with two kids and before every flight we are always super nervous now. Before, when it was only Jeremy and I, it was so much easier and I slept most of the flight time anyway.
Our flight to Tenerife was at 8:30 am, which meant we had to leave home around 5 am. So Jeremy and I woke up at 4, showered, drank a cup of coffee and got everything ready before we brought the sleeping kids in the car. We left on time and made it to the airport at 6 am. Since we don’t really have anyone who can drive us to the airport we always just park the car there (book it in advance) and walk to the terminal.

The flight to Tenerife with the 2 boys

It is a 4.30/5h flight from Frankfurt to Tenerife. We booked one of the first rows, so we would have a little more space than normal. Since Liam is two years old already, he has his own seat. Liam got to sit in the middle between Jeremy and I and it was pretty smooth. Milo fell asleep in Jeremys arms and Liam played on my lap most of the time and took a little nap as well after 3h of flight time.
It was a good flight (but wait for the return flight 😀 )


The first five star hotel Roca Nivaria for little Milo

From the airport we took a taxi, which took about 25 minutes to get to the Adrian Hotel Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel. From the first impression on we absolutely loved the hotel, the atmosphere, the staff and of course the food (always very important!).
This is such an incredible hotel for the whole family. The kids have so many areas where they can play and have fun. And to us that’s the most important: if the kids don’t like it, we can’t enjoy it either.

The rooms at the Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel

We had a very nice room super close to the main pool area which was the perfect spot for us. Not sure anymore but I think there are 6 levels and we were on the 1st floor, which has the access to the pools. The room was about 42 square meter, which was perfect for us as a family. We enjoyed sitting on the balcony a lot, especially when the kids or one of them took his nap!

Milo had a little crib and Liam slept in the big bed with us. But there was another bed for Liam.

The Pools at the Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel

The Roca Nivaria has 2 big pool areas and a huge children pool area. The kids pools are separat from the other areas and also have a playground included. We loved the main pool, which had a tiny baby pool as well and it was surrounded by palm trees. Not to mention the picturesque infinity pool.


The Food at the Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel

The food and the variety at the Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel was fabulous. The breakfast was served from 7 until 10.30 am in the main restaurant. It was a buffet with a great amount of variety. They offered the english breakfast (bacon, eggs, sausages, beans in tomatoe sauce, …) with a wide range of different bread and rolls as well as churros, pancakes and warm pastries. Jeremy loved the very delicious fresh fruits and joghurts and Milo started eating melon every day. Liam asked 5 times a day for the pancakes with nutella, he is our little one with the sweet tooth!

The lunch was served at the pool area with an amazing view of the ocean.  They had spanish style lunch mixed with german/english/italian variations. It was very tasty as well. For Milo we could always order the puree, which he liked most of the time. Liam just wanted chicken nuggets and fried calamari most of the days.


The dinner was by far our favorite. We loved the steaks. Most nights we had the medium rare Entrecôt with different style potatoes and garlic bread. We also enjoyed the theme nights and the mexican night was my favorite. The tacos and burritos were incredibly delicious!

We had all inclusive, but we didn´t really need it, since we don´t drink much alcohol and most of the nights went to bed super early with the kids. But of course it makes things a lot easier if you have little ones.

The Flight back to Germany

Our flight back home was a 10 out of 10. Both boys handled it so well and Liam slept almost 3h, which he never does on a normal day. We arrived at Frankfurt airport around 7 pm (1 hour time difference) and the kids slept in the car ride home as well.

Money Saving Tip for the Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel

We booked our hotel stay with our local Tui travel agency. Later we found out that it would have been even cheaper to sign up for the Adrian Hotel Club. So if you are not booking this beautiful Hotel as a package, then sign up and save some money.

One of our favorite Hotels around the Globe

This was our favorite vacation with the boys so far and we will come back to the Adrian Hotel Roca Nivaria for sure. We have a few more trips coming up the next couple of month, but hopefully we will be back in fall. We can highly recommend this wonderful hotel to everyone, no matter if you are looking for a couple vacation or a vacation with kids.


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