Christmas is coming up soon, so we are already thinking about the perfect gifts for family and friends. So we spend a little time on amazon and made you a great list of Funny Christmas Gifts!

7 Funny Christmas Gifts for Family & Friends

Dino Tea Infuser

Isn’t this Dino Tea Infuser cute? You just fill your loose leaf tea in the body and hang it in our tea cup for a few minutes. The head of the dino will stick out and look funny and cute! My mum and grandma love tea so that could be an additional little gift for them.




Happy Cereals Bowl

We have 2 of these beautiful cereal bowls, one happy and one sad face and truely love them. They have the perfect size for our cereal & fruits in the morning but also for dips or desserts. They look really funny and sweeten our day!I also got them as a gift a couple of years ago and we use them almost every day.



Whatever Wall Clock

Doesn’t everybody have that special friend who is always late? But we love them anyways and I think this is a really funny and creative gift as well as a nice reminder to be on time for your next date haha! This funny Wall Clock has a great size and is an eye catcher in every living room!





Cup – Have A Nice Day

I saw this HAVE A NICE DAY cup and I think it is so funny! On the white cup it has says “have a NICE day” and at the bottom of the cup is the middle finger! I know somebody who would love that cup as well, so I guess we will buy that as a funny christmas gift!  A perfect present for a morning muffle to start in the day with a smile!



Ice Cream Cone Lasercut Wooden Journal

This is not only funny, it is also very cute and creative! This ice cream notebook is handmade, a ice cream cone was cut out of the wooden journal. I really love that kind of style and it is unique! A perfect gift for a lovely friend, who likes to write down some notes and loves icecream!

Speaking Bullshit Button

I had a button like this years ago and I loved it! It was a present from a colleague and friend. We used it at work and had a great time with unforgettable memories!

Gun And Target Recordable Alarm Clock

This funny christmas gift should be a present is for somebody who uses the snooze button way too often. With this gun alarm clock you need to blast the bullseye to “earn” 5 extra minutes of snooze. Isn’t it a funny alarm clock?




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