CELES Beachfront Resort - The BEST Hotel In Koh Samui, Thailand

CELES Beachfront Resort

The BEST Hotel In Koh Samui, Thailand

3. January 20190 Comments4 Minutes

We spent four wonderful days in the beautiful Celes Beachfront Resort. We really enjoyed our holiday there and highly recommend the hotel to anyone planning a holiday in Koh Samui. The newly opened beach resort is just perfect.

We were warmly welcomed by the hotel staff. We were served in the open lobby a welcome cocktail and a delicious coconut ice cream.


beautiful & modern reception at CELES Beachfront Resort


yummy welcome drink and delicious coconut ice cream

Our room was very spacious and clean as well as modern furnished. The bed is huge and totally comfortable. We had a great terrace with seating. The bathroom is very modern and equipped with everything you need. In addition to the normal shower, there is an outdoor shower, which was a very unique addition to the room. Every hotel room has a great coffee maker and a basket of fresh fruits was arranged for us.


we were so happy with this amazing room – CELES Beachfront


bathroom with flowers and scented humidifier

Our hotel room was only a few meters from the beautiful infinity pool and the white sand beach. Next to the pool is a great pool bar, where delicious drinks as well as coffee is served. All the guest recieve clean towels for the pool or the beach at the Pool Bar every day. The lounge chairs at the pool area are super comfortable and we spent a lot of time at the pool overlooking the ocean.


best infinity pool – we loved it

The breakfast buffet in the SeaGrille Restaurant was excellent. The selection of Thai and western food was great. We loved everything we tried and talked to the very nice and friendly Chef several times. Especially recommended are the super tasty homemade jams, the freshly squeezed juices and the delicious coffee. 


breakfast with an incredible view at Celes SeaGrille 

We also had a very special dinner with outstanding delicious food and great cocktails at the SeaGrille Restaurant. The ambience at this beautiful Restaurant is incredible. We really loved the nautic decoration and the great atmosphere. The seafood dish was excellent and I ate the best dessert ever there: the Coconut parfait on mango and strawberries!


a perfect dinner at the SeaGrille Restaurant

The CELES Beachfront Resort has everything you could wish for on a great vacation. There is a very nice library with a iMac for guests, a gym with new equipment and a super nice Spa, where great deals are offered to the hotel guests.


The location of the hotel is excellent. It is still a few steps to beautiful beach restaurants and about a 10 minute walk to the night market and Fischerman’s Village. 

We are planning to come back next year because we really loved the Celes Beachfront Resort. A hotel like this is not so easy to find in Thailand. 



CELES Beachfront Resort – The BEST Hotel In Koh Samui, Thailand

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Kayumanis Sanur - The Idyllic Escape For Couples

After our short trip to the Gili Islands, we arrived on Friday in Sanur, Bali, where we stayed at The Gangsa Private Villa by Kayumanis, currently known as Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa and Spa for the weekend. The staff greeted us with a warm welcome and we were overwhelmed with so many wonderful gifts upon our arrival. We recieved beautiful welcome flowers, refreshing cold towels, very delicious welcome drinks, which we were able to choose from the menu, as well as a 15 minute welcome massage at the Rebab Spa, which belongs to The Gangsa Private Villas. The nice ladies at the spa asked us to choose between a head, shoulder or foot massage. Jeremy picked the foot massage and I decided for the shoulder massage. We both really loved it and enjoyed every minute of the welcome massage. The pressure was perfect and we felt very good and relaxed.

welcome at the gangsa

delicious welcome drink with welcome flowers

Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa and Spa, Bali

After the great welcome massage we could check into our incredible private villa called Jogogan. Arya showed us the way and opened the door for us to show us the villa and we were so impressed. We did not expect it to be so spacious and luxurious.

the gangsa private villas by kayumanis

so in love with our private villa and the tropical garden

It is the perfect escape in an idyllic home away from home with a tropical atmosphere and local charm. 

Take a look at our beautiful home for the weekend:

the gangsa private villa by Kayumanis

our luxury private villa "Jogogan"

At the outside of our villa is a huge living room with a sofa, relax chairs and a tv as well as a kitchen and a table. In the inside is our lovely bedroom and the huge bathroom with an open shower and a bathtub.

the gangsa bedroom

our beautiful bedroom at our private villa

Everything was prepared so beautiful for our stay and we fell in love with the design of the whole villa.

On the upstairs is another room with a sofa and a desk as well as a balcony overlooking the nice pool.

The tropcial garden of our private villa is gorgeous: everything is so green and well maintained with beautiful flowers. We were awaken by little birds singing outside in our garden every morning.

The breakfast is served in the gong restaurant or in the private villa. They offer a huge variety of delicious local and international food. Everything we had was homemade and super delicious. We loved the homemade strawberry and pineapple jellies as well as the Bali coffee and the fresh pressed orange juice. They also make the best banana pancake in the world! I wish I could wake up every single day to a perfect breakfast like at the gangsa private villas by kayumanis!

breakfast the gangsa bali

the perfect breakfast at Kayumanis Sanur

The staff serves high tea every afternoon between 2.30 and 5 in our private villa. We just make a call whenever we are ready for it and somebody comes to set up the table in our living room with tea and coffee and super delicious snacks: sandwiches, pastries and cookies.

the gangsa high tea

high tea time - served in our private villa

high tea at the gangsa

excellent snacks in the afternoon

The villas are not direct at the beach, but Tha Gangsa Private Villas by Kayumanis, currently known as Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa and Spa have drivers to bring us to the beach and the Sanur city area, which is perfect. We actually like that the luxury villas are a little away from everything and we are surrounded by the beauty of nature. It is very calm here and that was exactly what we were wishing for!

The Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa ans Spa is the perfect escape for couples as well as for families. It is also an incredible place for a honeymoon or anniversary vacation with the love of your life. 

We had an amazing time here in our private Villa Jogogan and will always remember this perfect weekend with the excellent service.

Book your perfect escape to Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa And Spa here: www.kayumanis.com

On the 1st of April 2017 The Gangsa by Kayumanis changed their name into Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa & Spa and the villas got a redesign as well. We were very happy to see the model villa and we can tell you it looks awesome. The new design is really incredible, the whole exterior will be in a lighter shade of color and it is very inviting.

not everybody who travels is lost

11 Reasons Why We Love South East Asia

After our 100 day South East Asia Trip, we want to tell you, why we love it so much there and why you should go to SEA as soon as possible!

1. Best weather 365 days a year

Sairee Beach Koh Tao Thailand

The weather in south east asia is always warm and great. It is perfect for hiking, swimming, snorkelling, diving, relaxing and just everything. Even when it rains, it is not bad at all. The high and dry season starts in November, December and lasts till February, March. In the high season the temperature is about 25 – 30 degree and it doesn’t rain much.

The wet season starts in April and lasts till Oktober and brings more rain. The rain is strong, but stops mostly after a few minutes.

But you can not predict what weather mother nature will bring. I had the best weather in Thailand in June and July and the worst in December. But I had always great times, no matter how the weather was.

2. It is affordable

I don’t know any place in Europe where you can get accommodation for less than 10 Euro a night for 2 people! In Thailand you will find places to sleep for less than 3 Euro a night and it is great!

Food, activities, massages, everything is so cheap in south east and we love it.

After 100 days traveling through asia, we were shocked to pay 20 euro for a dinner at a restaurant in Europe.

3. It is beautiful


The nature and the underwaterworld is so beautiful in SEA. Trekking through the jungle, exploring the best waterfalls, finding paradise islands, diving in another world will blow your mind.

It is an amazing place to open your eyes to something new and different!

4. Night markets are great


We love night markets. The food is so delicious, you can buy souvenirs and gifts, and get in touch with other travelers and locals.

Find our Post about the Night Market in Pai here

5. Delicious food


Food in South East Asia is great: street food is a good opportunity to try new dishes and eat a lot of different things. The fresh made fruit shakes are super delicious and there is no better place than eating at the beach!

6. You meet the best people


Traveler are the best people. They are friendly and nice, looking for great adventures and want to have a good time. It is easy to meet new people and make new friends when you are traveling alone! It is a great way to find yourself, trust others and make friendships for life!

7. The culture is amazing


South East Asias culture is amazing. It is often a mixture and influenced by Indians, Arabic, Western, Chinese, etc. cultures. You will find great art work in south east asia and I really love their paintings, music and the dances as well. Do what you love, do it often and always travel with an open mind!

8. Best massages in the world

No matter which country you are traveling, each has awesome spas. I love the Bali massages, but the Thai, Cambodian and Vietnamese Massage are great as well. They decorate their spas very beautiful, serve you delicious teas or juices and make you feel good and relaxed. The massages in south east asia are so much cheaper and better than in Europe or the USA.

9. Wild animals


There are some beautiful animals in South East Asia. We saw the most wonderful butterflies, funny monkeys, cute dogs and cats, and of course an incredible underwater world! The turtles were definetly one of our favourite animals on our trip!

10. Fitness


Traveling makes you fit! Hiking, walking, snorkeling, swimming, diving, biking, kayaking, and all the nice and fun activities will get you fit while you are traveling and enjoying your time! That is great and so much better than going to the gym and running on a treatmill.

11. Best shopping opportunities


South East Asia has a lot of gorgeous shopping opportunities. There are nice malls in every big city. We loved shopping in amazing malls in Kuala Lumpur, Saigon, Phnom Penh, Bangkok, Singapore, Sanur, Puerto Princesa, but also in tiny little shops or street stands. You can get marvelous deals in South East Asia and get good products for a good price!


My Travel Bucket List

I want to share my travel list of my dream destinations with you today. I love traveling to new countries and citys. I think you grow so much, when you jump into new adventures and try to figure it out by yourself. It was so scary when I traveled alone for the first time and to overcome the fear of the unknown made me stronger.

Here is my Travel Bucket List to inspire you and give you ideas for your upcoming travels:

1. Trek to Machu Picchu


2. Go on a safari in South Africa


3. Fly with a helicopter over the Grand Canyon


4. Sleep a few nights in a glass floor bungalow in Bora Bora


5. Diving in the Philippines


6. Cuddle a koala bear


7. See the white and blue houses in Santorini


8. Kiss a Dolphin


9.  Visit Japan in Spring


10. See the Northern Lights


11. Admire the Great Wall of China


12. Sleep one night in the Marina Bay Sand in Singapore


13. Ride a camel in the desert


14. Take a cooking class in México


15. Go on a boat trip on the Amazonas in South America


16. Watch the Sunrise in Cape Verde


17. Travel to Grand cayman Island


18. Do a Cruise Ship Tour through the Fjords in Norway


19. Travel to Nepal


20. Get a great photo of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro


21. Drink a San Miguel in San Miguel, El Salvador


22. Go diving in the Galapagos Islands


23. See spinner dolphins at Waianae Bay in Hawaii


24. Relax in the infinity pool of the Hanging Gardens Hotel in Ubud, Bali


25. Go on a road trip through Ireland


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