From Germany To Los Angeles - Winter Destination

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last friday we escaped the cold german weather and arrived safely in Los Angeles. We are happy to spend a few more sunny weeks in Los Angeles - Winter Destination 


Los Angeles - Winter Destination

October and November are really the worst month for us in Germany because we can’t stand the rainy days. 

Jeremy found super cheap flights from Frankfurt to Los Angeles, so we are extending our summer for 6 more weeks in the sunny state of California. Los Angeles is a perfect Winter Destination, the Californian weather is always great!


We will head back in December to visit the famous German Christmas Markets and spend Christmas with my family in Germany!

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We really love to see all of you guys traveling around the world and inspiring us and others to explore new countries!

Traveling is about opening your mind and heart to new people and different cultures! Try new things you never heard of before and you will grow every day! Step out of your comfort zone!

Have you ever heard of jellyfish salad? We tried it in Vietnam and it tasts amazing!  

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Angelo By Vienna House Munich Westpark - Our Favorite Hotel in Munich

Last week we spent 3 awesome days in the bavarian capital Munich. We stayed at the Angelo by Vienna House Munich Westpark and we can highly recommend this beautiful 4 star hotel to everybody! It is the perfect hotel for business and city travelers, located in the heart of the city, super close to the most amazing landmarks.
You can reach every landmark by train within a couple of minutes. The closest train station called "Harras" is about 3 minutes walking distance from the hotel, which was perfect.

The Angelo by Vienna House Munich Westpark was opened in 2013 and combines bavarian hospitality with a modern design. We had such a good time and we can't wait to come back soon.

On our arrival day a really nice welcome package was waiting for us in our hotel room. Thanks again for these awesome gifts! We were spoiled with german prezels with homemade Obazda cheese and beers. We also got the sweet Lebkuchenherzen (gingerbread hearts) as well as two little books "Oktoberfest Know How" in englisch and german.

The hotel rooms are very cozy and designed very nice. We loved the colorful yellow furniture of the room, whichs makes a warm and good atmosphere! The bathroom was perfectly clean and everything seems to be pretty new and modern!



The breakfast buffet is for sure one of the best we have ever had! We really love the german cuisine and the huge variety of food, which the Angelo by Vienna House Munich Westpark offered was incredible.
We started the day with a traditional "Weißwurst-Früstück" (Bavarian veal sausage), which is very common in Munich. You eat this delicious sausages with sweet mustard and german prezels and it was so delicious. These sausages tast even better when you eat them in Munich!


They offered a lot of other german specialties like Obazda (a traditional homemade cheese) or liverwurst.
But besides the german style food, they had everything else you could wish for too: cereals, fruits, joghurt, cheese, meat, eggs in different stlyes, croissants, different bread, etc.
Everything we tried was fresh and really delicious! I wish we could have breakfasts like this every day!

The Angelo by Vienna House Munich Westend provides access to their own gym and a sauna as well, which is great if you want to relax after a long sightseeing day. Unfortunately we did not use these facilities, but we will next time for sure!


On our second day in Munich we went to the famous Oktoberfest for the first time in our life. We borrowed traditional Bavarian outfits, the Dirndl and Lederhosen to wear for that special event and had an amazing day! Read more about our Day at the Oktoberfest here: Our First Time At The Oktoberfest


So we can highly recommend this great hotel to everybody, who wants to explore Munich! We love the angelo by Vienna House Munich Westend ♥
Get more information about the Hotel: Angelo by Vienna House Munich Westend 


Our First Time At The Oktoberfest In Munich

As a german girl from bavaria, it is almost a shame to tell you, that I have never been to the Oktoberfest in Munich! So this year we thought we need to change that fact!

Jeremy and I borrowed the typical bavarian style clothes from our friends - a dirndl for me and leatherpants for Jeremy and took of to Munich!

We traveled to Munich by train. Because we live in Würzburg in Bavaria, it is really cheap to travel by train within Bavaria. The Bavaria ticket was 28 Euro for us 2 and we could travel from 9 am to 3am the next morning everywhere in our state, even with the local buses.

Jeremy and me stayed at the beautiful Angelo by Vienna House Munich (blog post coming up soon), which is in the perfect location in the heart of the city.

Our First Time At The Oktoberfest In Munich

On Thursday at 11 am, after our great bavarian veal sausage breakfast in our Hotel, we went to the Oktoberfest and were really impressed. Normally I really don't like the loud and crazy beertent atmosphere, but it was not as much packed as we expected.

Thanks again to Frank and Silke for letting us borrow your nice outfits ♥


This is us in traditional german costumes in front of the famous statue called Bavaria. As you can see, it was a perfect and sunny day with not too many people! We were really lucky!

After walking around for a while, we jumped in the ferries wheel, where we could overlook the whole square. This was an amazing ride, but with 7,50 Euro a little pricy compared to other german fairs.



After a couple hours at the Oktoberfest we walked into the first tent and it was quite funny. The atmosphere was really good, everybody was happy and the music was awesome!
We picked the Löwenbräu tent to sit down, drink a Maß Bier (1 liter Beer) and ate a roast chicken.
The prices are really high, but the people pay it. One liter of beer is 10,60 Euro and our roast chicken with a bun was 12,20 Euro, but super delicious!


We met really good people from all around the world and clinked glasses together and had nice conversations!


So next year we will be there again for sure! It was an awesome and unforgettable day and a really great first time on the Oktoberfest in Munich ♥

Things to eat at the Oktoberfest in Munich

When you visit the Oktoberfest in Germany the roast chicken, roast pork, the obazda (traditional german homemade cheese) and in the mornings (before noon) the bavarian veal sausages are the best things to eat! All of these are very traditional and super delicious! You can not go wrong with that.

Where to sleep in Munich

We can highly recommend the angelo by Vienna House Munich Westpark, which is in the perfect spot and a great hotel for city traveler. We love the modern design combined with the german hospitalty.


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5 Things To Do In Würzburg

The beautiful Bavarian City Würzburg is my Hometown and I truly love this City. Würzburg has about 124.000 citizens and I like that it is not a super big and busy city. This city has a long history and has a lot of charm. Now I want to show you the best Things to Do in Würzburg to make your trip unforgettable!

5 Things To Do in Würzburg

1 Go for a walk in the Court Garden of the Residence Castle


No matter what time of the year you come to Würzburg, the beautiful Garden behind the UNESCO World Heritage Site Residence Castle is always the perfect spot to breath some fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. The Residence Castle is one of the well known Baroque Castles in Europe and was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site more than 30 years ago. It was built between 1720 and 1744 by Balthasar Neumann and partly destroyed in the second world war. 

We love to walk around in the beautiful garden, sit at the fountain and enjoy the beauty of the world!

2 Drink a wine at the Old Main Bridge


Würzburg has a lot of vineyards and is known for good vine. The famous old Main Bridge “Alte Mainbrücke” is a beautiful stone bridge and was built between 1473 and 1543. The view from this bridge is just amazing, you see the Fortress Marienberg with the vineyards underneath and the  pilgrimage church called “Käppele”. This pedestrian bridge is the best place to drink a tasty wine while enjoying the atmosphere.

3 Hike to the Fortress Marienberg


After crossing the Old Main Bridge, you will find several signs which lead you the way to the fortress Marienberg! There are quite a few steps, but the hike is totally worth it! The view is amazing. I could spend hours there looking down to the city and watching the people walking around. It looks so unreal!

Don't forget to count the churches!

4 Enjoy the vineyard scenery


Almost everywhere in Würzburg you will have a great view of the vineyards! We really like the scenery in summer and the beginning of fall. 

My family has vineyards too, so just let me know if you want to help with the harvest one day :)

5 Eat a Bratwurst on the Market Square at the Knüpfing Food Stand


One thing only locals know, is that the bratwurst at the little food stand in the market square is amazing. For me this is a must-do when I am in my hometown Würzburg! This little stand has been there forever and the reason is pretty simple: The bratwurst in bread tasts very delicious!

Have fun in my hometown and let me know how you liked the list of things to do in Würzburg!

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The romantic city of Heidelberg will capture your heart! Heidelberg was hit during the 17th century, but rebuilt in the 18th century with a lot of amazing buildings. A walk through the old and narrow streets will stay in your memory forever! It is a beautiful small city in the heart of Germany with a lot of landmarks. The city is known for the historical Castle, the Alte Brücke (old Bridge) with the cute luck monkey and the Student Jail.

Heidelberg is one of the top tourist destinations in Germany,with more than 1 million visitors every year. 

Things to do in Heidelberg

Heidelberg Castle

The Heidelberg Castle is the famous ruin, which was party rebuilt in the 17 and 18th century. You can walk there within 20 minutes or take the Heidelberger Bergbahn, a railway, which runs from the market square to the top of the mountain.  Enjoy the nice view and the mystic atmosphere.

The Castle in Heidelberg is amazing! 


Heidelbergs beautiful castle

Old Town Heidelberg

We loved going for a walk in the Old Town of Heidelberg, where the streets are narrow and the Houses are cute. There are so many things to explore. We walked by a nice old town market, where they sold fresh fruits and vegetables, german sausages and different specialities. 


Market Heidelberg


Old Bridge

The Old bridge was built by Karl Theodor and is an old stone bridge crossing the Neckar river. It looks very nice, especially in spring and summer.

There is a little monkey with a golden disc sitting at the bridge. Rub the golden disk for good luck!


lucky monkey on the old bridge

Philosophers Way

This rough path got the name during the Romantic Period, because a lot of philosophers and professors walked their for the great views of the town. 

Famous German poets got inspired by their walks on the epic path.

It is located at the Neckar River and leads through the vineyards.

Student Jail

This jail is not that strict than a regular jail, but miscreants students were kept there for a few days. The walls are covered with graffiti and arts. It was used from the 1780s until 1914.

Old University Heidelberg 

The Old University is a magnificent historic building in Heidelberg. The Student Jail is located in the back of the University.


Hotel in Heidelberg

We booked the Exzellenz Hotel in Heidelberg and had a great stay there! The Hotel is the perfect mixture of the famous Jugendstil and modern art. Our Hotel room was really nice, the breakfast so delicious and we can highly recommend everybody to stay at the Exzellenz Hotel if you are going to visit Heidelberg!


Read more on our Blog Post about the Exzellenz Hotel

Restaurants in Heidelberg

Heidelberg has a lot of restaurants, bars and cafes, where traveler can get delicious food from different countries. The Exzellenz Hotel has an exzellent restaurants, called season, which offers high quality dishes! 

Transportation in Heidelberg

We went there by car, but it is also possible to go by train or bus. In the Old Town, where are the landmarks are, you can walk or take the Straßenbahn, which is a railway.


Best Hotel In Heidelberg: Exzellenz Hotel Heidelberg

Heidelberg is said to be one of the most popular cities in Germany and we can confirm that this is a really beautiful city with tons of flair. We chose the Exzellenz Hotel Heidelberg for our 2 day city trip to Heidelberg and we were really impressed with the Hotel’s great location.

Exzellenz Hotel Heidelberg – the place to be


Old Bridge in beautiful Heidelberg


Exzellenz Hotel Heidelberg Entrance in a great location

The Exzellenz Hotel Heidelberg was renovated in the year 2015 and it satisfied us with the modern design and high comfort. The beautiful rooms are individually furnished, which we loved because it made us feel at home.


beautiful furnished hotel rooms with Haribo on the bed 🙂


new and very clean bathroom


view from our Hotel room

The restaurant “Season”, belongs to the Exzellenz Hotel Heidelberg is just around the corner along with plenty of parking spots. We were happy to have a parking at the Hotel because it is often hard to find parking in german cities. It was only a few minutes walking to the pedestrian area and to many historical landmarks of Heidelberg.

The lobby of the art nouveau house is furnished very inviting and cozy. The breakfast buffet is in the great atmosphere in the lobby and for the rest of the day where they offer coffee and pastries.

The staff of the Hotel is nice and friendly. They have city maps at the reception and can help you plan your exciting day in Heidelberg.

The modern restaurant “Season” serves seasonal dishes. At the moment they have venison, which is perfect for the cold month. The amazing atmosphere invites to end the day with a glass of vine, champagne or german beer.

Our stay at the Exzellenz Hotel Heidelberg was outstanding and we can highly recommend anyone to book this modern and first class Hotel.

 Check out more information about the Exzellenz Hotel and book it here: Exzellenz hotel Heidelberg Heidelberg


We love the Exzellenz Hotel Heidelberg!

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After finishing school in 2012 I moved to Hamburg for an year long internship. Hamburg is a charming city with beautiful bridges over  the Elbe and the Alster Rivers. The Port of Hamburg is the second largest port in Europe. My favorite thing about Hamburg is its laid back vibe. Everyone is very nice so if you have questions or need directions don’t hesitate to ask a fellow Hamburger (citizen of hamburg) for help 🙂

What to do in Hamburg

Hamburg offer in every season endless entertainment.

It is impossible to see everything in just one visit. Hamburg is unique in the fact that no matter how many times you come to this amazing city you will always learn something new.

  • Alster

The River Alster is great for jogging, walking, cycling, or even just to order a coffee and relax. If you’re hungry you might want want to check out Cafe ALEX on Jungfernstieg or if you have a slightly larger appetite you might want to try Block House on Alster street.

Planet and Blomen: I love to run through Planet and Blomen in the summer to watch the fountains and relax. The name “Planet and Blomen” is Dutch and means “Flower and Blossoms.” It is a beautifully landscaped park and very relaxing.

Blankenese: This is the staircase district of Hamburg, which lies to the west of Hamburg. A walk here between the magnificent villas and the many stairs is especially nice!

  • Elbstrand

A small harbor cruise on the River Elbe’s with HVV day ticket on line 62. Here you can get off directly at the River Elbe, enjoy a stroll along the water at the beach and in between eating a cup of coffee and a waffle or sausage. Whether summer or winter, as long as the sun shines it’s always perfect.

  •  Reeperbahn in St. Pauli

This is the Hamburger party area that everyone should know about. The most famous street is the Herbert Street and its strictly for men-only (sorry ladies). There are also many bars and clubs and the famous David’s guard on the Reeperbahn.

  • Fish market

The Hamburg Fish Market is open every Sunday (opens at 5am in the summer and 7:30am during the winter) offering fresh fish, fruit, vegetables, meat, and pastries. Stop by in the hall after the market for a white sausage breakfast and live music. Towards the end around 9am you can get really good deals. There are so many different things to buy here.

Definitely worth a visit!

  •  Schanze Fourth (Hamburgers call it “Die Schanze” or “The Lair”)

Known for great bars, cafes, bistros, and small charming boutiques.

My hotel tip, but unfortunately not cheap: The Mövenpick Hotel, which formerly was an old water tower.

  • The Michel

Formally known as St. Michael’s Church but hamburgers know it as “The Michel”. After 2 fires in the beginning of the 20th century, the old church has been reconstructed. For a small entrance fee you can go up the bell tower and enjoy a birds eye view of the city.

  • Speicherstadt and HafenCity

The warehouse district contains many old warehouses, which are built on stilts. Today you can go by in a boat and see the warehouses outside, inside there are many museums. Here I can recommend the Spice Museum.

Delicious Food in Hamburg

  • Breakfast in Hamburg: Café Paris: quite central near Mönkebergstraße
  • Try the Fish: Fisherman’s House (Yellow House) at the fish market: the salmon with potatoes and mustard sauce tastes delicious =)
  • Steakhouse:  Block House overlooking the Inner Alster
  • For a quick bite I go to the Europa Passage (Shopping Mall), on the ground floor there is ice cream shop where you can enjoy really good ice cream on a waffle for dessert.


In Hamburg there are many hostels and hotels.
I would recommend the A & O Hostel near the main train station.
The Onyx on the Reeperbahn is also great during the week.

My absolute favorite, unfortunately, not very cheap, but sometimes you get lucky and find a good deal:
Mövenpick Hotel at the Sternschanzenpark. Once upon a time an old water tower.


  • HVV ticket (day or multi-day tickets) I think this is the best way to get anywhere.
  • Bus

Residenz Würzburg - UNESCO



Würzburg is a very nice small city in Bavaria with 124.000 citizens. There are a lot of churches in Würzburg and the oldest stonge bridge of Germany. One of the famous buildings is the Restidenz, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can see it on the photo.

Sightseeing in Würzburg

  • Residenz
  • Festung
  • Käppele
  • Old Main Bridge: don´t miss to drink a wine there
  • Steinburg
  • Stadtbücherei – Falkenhaus
  • Wine partys: if you are in the summer in Würzburg, almost every week is another wine festival with delicious food and best wines


  • Food Stand/Bratwurststand Knüpfig: the famous Bratwurst (sausage) of Würzburg with mustard: Marketplace in the center of Würzburg
  • Restaurant Hubland – one of the best greek restaurants i have ever been to (not in the center)
  • Trattoria Lugana – a very pretty little italien restaurant in one of the main streets “Juliuspromenade”
  • Locanda – you can eat really big pizzas there for 7 – 9,50 €, but you should share it, because it is to much =)
  • Steak Haus (Bachgasse)


  • WVV – Straßenbahn: You can go to almost every good place by train (Straßenbahn), there are 4 different trains to different directions
  • Walk: you can walk to most of the sigtseeing places


  • Odeon: nice partys at the weekend
  • Studio: good student partys on tuesday
  • Bombe: small club in a celler, you don´t have to pay for the entry