Würzburg is a very nice small city in Bavaria with 124.000 citizens. There are a lot of churches in Würzburg and the oldest stonge bridge of Germany. One of the famous buildings is the Restidenz, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can see it on the photo.

Sightseeing in Würzburg

  • Residenz
  • Festung
  • Käppele
  • Old Main Bridge: don´t miss to drink a wine there
  • Steinburg
  • Stadtbücherei – Falkenhaus
  • Wine partys: if you are in the summer in Würzburg, almost every week is another wine festival with delicious food and best wines


  • Food Stand/Bratwurststand Knüpfig: the famous Bratwurst (sausage) of Würzburg with mustard: Marketplace in the center of Würzburg
  • Restaurant Hubland – one of the best greek restaurants i have ever been to (not in the center)
  • Trattoria Lugana – a very pretty little italien restaurant in one of the main streets “Juliuspromenade”
  • Locanda – you can eat really big pizzas there for 7 – 9,50 €, but you should share it, because it is to much =)
  • Steak Haus (Bachgasse)


  • WVV – Straßenbahn: You can go to almost every good place by train (Straßenbahn), there are 4 different trains to different directions
  • Walk: you can walk to most of the sigtseeing places


  • Odeon: nice partys at the weekend
  • Studio: good student partys on tuesday
  • Bombe: small club in a celler, you don´t have to pay for the entry

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