One of the nicest beaches of the world are in the Philippines. If you avoid the tourist traps, you can find your paradise and enjoy the best life.
The people are amazing, the food is quite good and with more than 6 thousand islands, you will not get bored at all.
Transportation in the Philippines is really easy, for long distance it is the best to fly with Cebu or Philippine Airlines, for a few hour rides the easiest way is to take a minivan (which is really cheap) and for short distances Tricycles are the solution.
Tricycles are little motorcycles with a side trailer for 2 people.
I can highly recommend to figure everything out on your own and not to book a guided tour, because it is normally a little tourist trap and they try to squeeze money out of you. The prices are almost double and the stress is not worth it.
Very Important:
ATMs are rare in the Philippines. On several islands only the biggest city has an ATM and in a few other towns the only opportunity to get cash is to change money. So i would recommend to get enough cash out of a ATM when you find one and take also 100-2500 euro or dollar with you, which you could change if you are running out of money.

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