Sabang is a little village, which is known for the famous Underground River. This is one of the 5 new world wonders.
Food in the restaurants in Sabang is a little pricey and not that good, but the fruit shakes, which can be bought at the beach stands are very delicious and fresh.

Things to do in Sabang

  • Take a boat to the Underground River
    The Underground River is amazing and definitely worth to see.
    Boats are leaving every couple of minutes on the Port of Sabang. It is necessary to buy a permission for it, but this can be bought in a little house there. The cheapest way to do the Underground River is to share a boat with other people. 7 people fit in a boat and the price for the whole boat is 700 Pesos (14 Euro). The boat ride to the entrance of the Underground river is about 20-30 minutes and ends on a nice beach, where monkeys are welcoming you 🙂
    A 5 minute walk through the jungle leds to the river, where boats and guides are waiting for their passengers. 6 or 7 people fit in the boat, which enters the underground river. Sitting in the front is cool, because this is the seat where somebody gets to hold the light for the dark cave, which is pretty much fun.
    The guide tells funny storys about the cave, the bats, the rocks, etc. Fortunately everybody is wearing a helmet, because there is so much bat shit everywhere 🙂
  • Relaxing at the beach:
    The beach in Sabang is very beautiful, the water is crystal-clear.

Accommodations in Sabang

My recommendation is to visit Sabang only for one day and not to stay there.
But if you are not a low budget traveler, the Sheridon Resort looks very nice, it is on the beach and has a huge pool to enjoy your stay.

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