Puerto Princesa is a nice little town and a good starting point to travel to other destinations on Palawan, like Port Barton, Sabang (Underground River), El Nido or different islands.

Things to do in Puerto Princesa

  • Go shopping:
    The Robinson’s Mall is a great place to go shopping, you can find almost everything there and have a good lunch in on of the fast food restaurants.
  • Get a haircut:
    A haircut for men is only 40 Pesos, which is about 0,80 Euro. This is the cheapest haircut I have ever seen and the barber takes his time to make it look very nice.
    It is really funny, they have photos of celebritys on the wall modelling the different hair cuts.
  • Get cash:
    Don’t forget that Puerto Princesa is the only place with an ATM in whole Palawan, so it is important to get cash there.
  • Take a MiniVan to one of the destinations around: Port Barton, Sabang, El Nido or the Islands

Accommodation in Puerto Princesa

  • Bamboo Nest:
    The bamboo nest is an adventurous place to stay. The owner Jonathan has a few bamboo tree huts and also a shared room, which he rents out. The Bamboo Nest has everything a traveler needs: a nice kitchen, where the guests can cook their own meals, hammocks in the garden, a little market to buy food and drinks around the corner and a option to book tours or go diving/snorkelling with Jonathan.
    It is only a short Tricycle ride from the airport, which is about 20 Pesos (0,40 Euro) per person. To go to the center is also cheap and easy by tricycle.
  • Palawan Village Hotel:
    This Hotel is a 2 minute walk from the Airport and close to good restaurants and shopping options.

Delicious Food in Puert Princesa

  • Ka Inato Restaurant
    This is our favourite Restaurant in Puerto. The food is great, the Babyrips was the best! Before your dish, you get a little cup of soup and after your meal a little desert for free. Sometimes it is hard to get a table without reservation. There are a few Ka Inatos in this City. We went to the one, which is about a one minute walk from the airport.
  • Greenwich
    I loved the Lasagne and the Pizza there. It is a cheap and easy place to go for a quick lunch, lurching a shopping day in Robinsons.

Transportation in Puerto Princesa:

Puerto Princesa is the starting point to get everywhere on Palawan. There are Minivans to Sabang where the Underground River is, El Nido, Port Barton, etc.
Minivan is the best way to get to the next destination on Palawan. The roads are not the best, but the rides are ok. Try to negotiate the prices a little bit. Don’t pay the first price locals tell, there is always a little range for negotiations.
The Prices we paid:
To Sabang: 200 Pesos
To Port Barton: 300 Pesos
To El Nido: 400 Pesos

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