The island Cacnipa is a about 45 minute boat ride of the coast of Port Barton. It is an amazing green island with a beautiful beach with crystal-clear water. To relax for a few days or a week this is the best place, it is like paradise.

Things to do in Cacnipa Island

  • Go snorkelling in the reef at the beach:
    There is a reef very close to the beautiful beach with a lot of different species of fishes and also turtles. The best time to go snorkelling is in the early morning, when the ocean is calm.
  • Relax in a hammock:
    The resort has a few hammocks direct at the beach between the palm trees. This is the perfect atmosphere to relax, read a book, sleep and escape the daily stress.
  • Play beach volleyball, table tennis, badminton, basketball:
    There are a few options to do sports in the resort. Everybody can borrow the equipment for free and it is so much fun to play a volleyball game with nice new travel friends in the sand in one at the best beaches in the world.
  • Go hiking in the jungle:
    Behind the resort is a little pathway which goes through the jungle and leads to the viewpoints of Island Cacnipa.
  • Do a island hopping tour:
    For about 300-500 Pesos per person you can book a island hopping tour in the resort. The boat brings you to 3 places to go snorkelling and to 2 nice beaches, where you can enjoy your lunch.
  • Rent a Kayak:
    For 150 Pesos (3 Euro) the resort will rent out double kanus. Explore the beaches around the island by yourself!

Hotel Cacnipa Island

Cacnipa Island has only one resort, the Coconut Garden Island Resort. The price for a room for one night is 700 Pesos (14 Euro), for one bungalow is 1.400 Pesos (28 Euro). Every room is with ocean view and a little terrace and a mosquito net over your bed.
The restaurant of Coconut Garden Island Resort is great, they serve delicious food. I loved everything they cooked, but the Goulasch was my favourite.

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