Gambling In Las Vegas

It is a must-do when you are in Vegas to spend some time in the Casinos. It is fun to watch people playing Poker, Roulette, Black Jack, Keno and the Slot Machines. 


The last time we played poker was with our friends on a small Island called Cacnipa in the Philippines.


The Bellagio Hotel in Vegas

After a little power nap after the huge lunch buffet (Go here to the Blog Post "Our Favorite Buffet In Las Vegas"), I got new energy and we were ready to gamble a little bit. I like roulette and black jack the best. So Jeremy and me were watching people at the roulette table for a couple of minutes, before I sat down to play too. The minimum was $5 and if you set on numbers you can split it in $1 chips, but you need to have set a minimum of $5. 


Roulette in Vegas

We changed $20 in chips and set it on different numbers.  We always picked the 26, because that is both of our birthdate.

We made some money and lost some. Jeremy won $10 on the 0, that was really great. But then I lost too times $5 on red :(

After playing for a little bit, we left the table with $22.

Jeremy stopped at the Black Jack table and sat down. He did really good, even if he never got a black jack right away. 

He left the table with $80 chips. So we won $60 and were happy for that!


Now it is time for us to leave Vegas for the next adventure. We are heading out to Zion National Park.


Our Favorite Buffet In Las Vegas

For me it was the first time in Vegas, Jeremy came here several times before.

We did not have breakfast included in our hotel, so we were thinking about going to a lunch buffet in one of the  hotels on the strip.

Jeremy tried the buffets in the Excalibur, Flamingo and Luxor before, but he wanted to try something new. So we were looking to find our favorite buffet in Las Vegas :)

Every buffet is about the same price, about $15-30 depending on the time of the day. 

We parked our van in the self-parking of the Excalibur and walked in direction north of the Strip.

New York has no buffet, but there are really nice places to eat as well. It looks like in the streets of New Yorker, but a lot cleaner ;)

I think if you want to eat something that fills you up and have a drink as well, it is not much more expensive to just go to the buffet, where you have a huge variety of food from all over the world and I always need a little of something sweet after :)

So I really wanted to check out a buffet.

A few other bloggers wrote that the buffets in the Bellagio and the Cosmopolitan are the best.

As we were walking up the strip, the Bellagio was really far and we went to the Cosmopolitan. Their restaurant is called the wicked spoon and it turned out that this was a good decision.

The price is $27 for the buffet (8am - 3pm) and if you want unlimited mimosas, champagne, etc. you can get that for $43, but we don't really like drinking that much.


Wicket Spoon - Restaurant in the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas

We had to wait in line for about 30 minutes to get a seat, but it was totally worth it.

The variety and quality of the food was amazing.

They had good breakfast, a great salad bar and food from all over the world, like sushi, spanish paella, Italian noodles & pizza and great steaks and meats.


My first course: gnocci, pizza, salmon, chicken skewer and caesar salad

The variety of dessert was really huge, the ice cream and chocolate dipped strawberries were our favorites.


Jeremy is enjoying his dessert :)


Soooo delicious :)

Non alcoholic drinks were included too and we really loved the fresh strawberry-passion fruit juice.

After one hour of eating, we were so full and tired. We could not eat anything anymore for the rest of the day!

Did you try the buffets in Vegas? Tell us about it in the comments :)


Around The World In One Day

We started the day in the early mornings in California. We filled up our 7 gallon water container and got some groceries for our trip!

After a little stop at the mad Greek for a gyros, we arrived our destination at 3 pm. We checked in our hotel, enjoyed a little rest in the hotel room and went down to the pool. The weather is crazy out here, it was 99 degree Fahrenheit.

So we needed something healthy for dinner and had a salad with my favourite Olive Garden dressing and chicken, which we prepared the day before.

We showered and got ready for traveling the world! At first we were in Rome and saw the Colosseum and Caesars Palace!


View of our hotel room - Caesar's Palace

Our next stop was Paris in France. We took photos next to the Eiffel Tour! 


A couple of minutes later we were right in the middle of New York and were next to the Empire State Building and took photos at the Statue of Liberty.


photo stop at the Statue of Liberty in NY


selfie in NYC

new-york-bridge-las vegas

walking over the Manhattan Bridge in New York

Our last destination of the day was Egypt. We were really impressed by the incredible pyramids and the great architecture. 


I'm in a Pyramide :)


Selfie in a pyramide :)

And where else is it possible to see that many beautiful destinations around the world in one night? Viva Las Vegas :)


the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas


we had a great night in Vegas


the Bellagio Hotel (remember the movie Ocean's Eleven?)