We started the day in the early mornings in California. We filled up our 7 gallon water container and got some groceries for our trip!

After a little stop at the mad Greek for a gyros, we arrived our destination at 3 pm. We checked in our hotel, enjoyed a little rest in the hotel room and went down to the pool. The weather is crazy out here, it was 99 degree Fahrenheit.

So we needed something healthy for dinner and had a salad with my favourite Olive Garden dressing and chicken, which we prepared the day before.

We showered and got ready for traveling the world! At first we were in Rome and saw the Colosseum and Caesars Palace!


View of our hotel room – Caesar’s Palace

Our next stop was Paris in France. We took photos next to the Eiffel Tour! 


A couple of minutes later we were right in the middle of New York and were next to the Empire State Building and took photos at the Statue of Liberty.


photo stop at the Statue of Liberty in NY


selfie in NYC

new-york-bridge-las vegas

walking over the Manhattan Bridge in New York

Our last destination of the day was Egypt. We were really impressed by the incredible pyramids and the great architecture. 


I’m in a Pyramide 🙂


Selfie in a pyramide 🙂

And where else is it possible to see that many beautiful destinations around the world in one night? Viva Las Vegas 🙂


the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas


we had a great night in Vegas


the Bellagio Hotel (remember the movie Ocean’s Eleven?)

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