inaya putri bali

Great Times @ INAYA PUTRI BALI in Nusa Dua

Our time in Bali is coming to an end, but the last 4 days couldn't have been any better. Our final destination of our 2 weeks in Bali was Nusa Dua and we stayed for 3 nights at the wonderful INAYA PUTRI BALI resort. Everything has been perfect and we can highly recommend this amazing hotel to everyone who plans to visit Bali!

inaya pool ina

Our deluxe room with pool access was one of the best hotel rooms we have ever stayed at and we were highly impressed by the whole resort and the exceptional food at their restaurants.

deluxe rooms inaya putri Bali

tropical lush garden & our deluxe room with pool access

private pool at inaya purti bali

our perfect balcony



The INAYA PUTRI BALI is blessed with a huge tropical garden, which makes this resort a very special and happy place. It is directly at the beautiful white sand beach and offers everything you could wish for on a perfect vacation.

white sand beach INAYA PUTRI BALI

white sand beach @ INAYA PUTRI BALI

The hotel is located in a secure gated area in Nusa Dua and is only a 30 minute drive away from the airport.

Gading Restaurant at INAYA PUTRI BALI

We ate every day at the Gading Restaurant and loved every single meal. The food was super fresh and very delicious. We tried international food as well as the local cuisine. Our favorite meal was the Australian Black Angus Beef Tenderloin from the Charcoal Grill, which was the best steak we have ever had!!!

lunch at the beach
Lunch at the Gading Restaurant with pool/beach view

lunch inaya purti bali
delicious Caesar Salad at the Gading Restaurant

Special Events at the INAYA PUTRI BALI

On Wednesday and Friday we enjoyed a Cultural Night BBQ Dinner at the INAYA PUTRI BALI, where we got to experience a traditional Balinese Dance. This was a really magical time and we enjoyed the artistic spirit.
After the performance we could take a photo with the dancers.

bali dance inaya
Cultural Night BBQ Dinner

The staff is excellent and everybody was very friendly and always willing to help. 

Plan Your Vacation at the INAYA PUTRI BALI

Treat yourself with an unforgettable vacation at the INAYA PUTRI BALI! You deserve the best and you only live once! Bali is one of our favorite islands and we hope it is on your travel bucket list as well! More information about this exceptional resort here:


Kayumanis Sanur - The Idyllic Escape For Couples

After our short trip to the Gili Islands, we arrived on Friday in Sanur, Bali, where we stayed at The Gangsa Private Villa by Kayumanis, currently known as Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa and Spa for the weekend. The staff greeted us with a warm welcome and we were overwhelmed with so many wonderful gifts upon our arrival. We recieved beautiful welcome flowers, refreshing cold towels, very delicious welcome drinks, which we were able to choose from the menu, as well as a 15 minute welcome massage at the Rebab Spa, which belongs to The Gangsa Private Villas. The nice ladies at the spa asked us to choose between a head, shoulder or foot massage. Jeremy picked the foot massage and I decided for the shoulder massage. We both really loved it and enjoyed every minute of the welcome massage. The pressure was perfect and we felt very good and relaxed.

welcome at the gangsa

delicious welcome drink with welcome flowers

Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa and Spa, Bali

After the great welcome massage we could check into our incredible private villa called Jogogan. Arya showed us the way and opened the door for us to show us the villa and we were so impressed. We did not expect it to be so spacious and luxurious.

the gangsa private villas by kayumanis

so in love with our private villa and the tropical garden

It is the perfect escape in an idyllic home away from home with a tropical atmosphere and local charm. 

Take a look at our beautiful home for the weekend:

the gangsa private villa by Kayumanis

our luxury private villa "Jogogan"

At the outside of our villa is a huge living room with a sofa, relax chairs and a tv as well as a kitchen and a table. In the inside is our lovely bedroom and the huge bathroom with an open shower and a bathtub.

the gangsa bedroom

our beautiful bedroom at our private villa

Everything was prepared so beautiful for our stay and we fell in love with the design of the whole villa.

On the upstairs is another room with a sofa and a desk as well as a balcony overlooking the nice pool.

The tropcial garden of our private villa is gorgeous: everything is so green and well maintained with beautiful flowers. We were awaken by little birds singing outside in our garden every morning.

The breakfast is served in the gong restaurant or in the private villa. They offer a huge variety of delicious local and international food. Everything we had was homemade and super delicious. We loved the homemade strawberry and pineapple jellies as well as the Bali coffee and the fresh pressed orange juice. They also make the best banana pancake in the world! I wish I could wake up every single day to a perfect breakfast like at the gangsa private villas by kayumanis!

breakfast the gangsa bali

the perfect breakfast at Kayumanis Sanur

The staff serves high tea every afternoon between 2.30 and 5 in our private villa. We just make a call whenever we are ready for it and somebody comes to set up the table in our living room with tea and coffee and super delicious snacks: sandwiches, pastries and cookies.

the gangsa high tea

high tea time - served in our private villa

high tea at the gangsa

excellent snacks in the afternoon

The villas are not direct at the beach, but Tha Gangsa Private Villas by Kayumanis, currently known as Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa and Spa have drivers to bring us to the beach and the Sanur city area, which is perfect. We actually like that the luxury villas are a little away from everything and we are surrounded by the beauty of nature. It is very calm here and that was exactly what we were wishing for!

The Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa ans Spa is the perfect escape for couples as well as for families. It is also an incredible place for a honeymoon or anniversary vacation with the love of your life. 

We had an amazing time here in our private Villa Jogogan and will always remember this perfect weekend with the excellent service.

Book your perfect escape to Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa And Spa here:

On the 1st of April 2017 The Gangsa by Kayumanis changed their name into Kayumanis Sanur Private Villa & Spa and the villas got a redesign as well. We were very happy to see the model villa and we can tell you it looks awesome. The new design is really incredible, the whole exterior will be in a lighter shade of color and it is very inviting.

blue moon villas

Blue Moon Villas - a dream vacation in Bali

We arrived in Bali last Friday and had 3 amazing days at the Blue Moon Villas in Amed, east Bali. This was probably the best Hotel we have ever stayed at and we stayed at many many Hotels and resorts the last couple of years. We also celebrated Jeremy's birthday there last Sunday and had a really great time!

Let me tell you more about this beautiful place in Bali and why we want to go back there soon!

blue moon villa vacation

Blue Moon Villas, Amed - Bali

Amed is a very relaxed city in east Bali, which is known for incredible snorkeling and diving areas. We fell in love with Ameds green landscapes and the kind hearted locals. So when you are planning a vacation in Bali go to Amed.

When we arrived at the Blue Moon Villas the staff welcomed us very warmly and served us a welcome drink - a fresh watermelon shake, which was refreshing and super delicious. The Blue Moon Villas are 17 rooms, all big rooms/villas with amazing views and they are super clean. On our king size bed was a towel folded as an elephant surrounded with beautiful lotus and hibiscus flower decorations. The staff and the owner of the Blue Moon Villas put so much love in this gem! You can see that they really love what they are doing.

Bedroom at the Blue Moon Villas Bali

Isn't that a really nice way of making a bed?

We had a huge terrace direct at the incredible infinity pool and the best view of the ocean we could wish for. We enjoyed every single minute in this beautiful hotel! Honestly we wish we could live there forever ❤️️

blue moon villas pool area

our incredible infinity pool

We had so much fun in the infinity pool with the unbelievable views. We really liked that the Blue Moon Villas have only 17 rooms, which means we had a lot of privacy and we could relax in a quieter area. The 17 villas are on 2 different levels, so you only share the pool with a few other guests. Most of the time we had the pool by ourselves, which was awesome.

blue moon villas poolsanother perfect pool at the Blue Moon Villas

After being in Thailand which is kind of crowded and full of tourists, this resort felt like the perfect getaway and we could relax and find our inner peace.

We celebrated Jeremy's birthday last sunday. Just before midnight I prepared our villa with heart balloons and had a little gift for Jeremy. A bigger gift is waiting for him in Germany, because it wouldn't fit in my tiny backpack! We enjoyed a local massage at the pool in the morning and had good times at the pool. We also had a special dinner at the Komang John Cafe, which served incredible food.

blue moon villas jeremys birthday

Jeremy's Birthday in Amed, Bali

blue moon villas ina

Jeremy is flying the drone

Jeremy is flying our drone - check our youtube channel

Komang John Cafe at the Blue Moon Villas

The restaurant, which belongs to the Blue Moon Villas is called Komang John Cafe (after the owner Komang John). We can tell you that this is for sure one of the best restaurants in the world as well. We ate there breakfast, lunch and dinner and did not want to try any other restaurant in Amed, because every dish was excellent and we wanted to try so many different dishes. The chef does an incredible job and our favorite meal was the very tender beef steak with redwine & mushroom sauce, local vegetables and potatoes, which we ordered a second time on our last night in Amed!

pork ribs at komang john cafe

super delicious pork ribs with veggies and potatoes

komang john cafe - bali dish

perfect balinese dish - made with love

The chef is such a lovely soul from Bali and came to us during each meal and checked if we like it and we were happy with our choices. We loved every single meal and had a great time with the chef!

Great Times At The Blue Moon Villas In Amed Bali

We got to know the staff pretty well these last days and can tell you that they are such kind hearted and sweet people, who are passionate about what they do. 

Everything was excellent and we can highly recommend the Blue Moon Villas to everyone who is coming to Bali and is looking for a great time! These villas are incredible, the views are breathtaking and the staff is excellent.