I love to play mini golf and I always wanted to try real golf. So when we were in America for 3 month, we decided it was time for my first time golfing! America has a huge variety of awesome golf course.

My first time golfing

To be honest, the first time golfing was so much harder than I expected. But it was so much fun and I learned a lot!


Jeremy knows how to golf and has golf clubs at home, so we decided to go golfing today!

We drove to the Riverside Golf Course, where they have a 9 hole course! At first we started with a little training and bought a bucket of 50 balls for that. Jeremy taught me how to use the different golf clubs and explained everything to me. It was pretty hard for me to make the ball fly far enough.


After half an hour of training, we took the golf card to the first hole. Riding the golf card was really fun 🙂 I was not so good at the first 2 holes, but I pared at the 3rd hole and I was so proud of my self! 


Jeremy is such a good trainer and helped me so much to get better.


It took me a lot of concentration and I didn’t have so much energy anymore for the last 3 holes, so I got worse at the end. But it is for sure a fun game and I will for sure try it again soon!

Have you ever golfed before? Do you have a good advise for me?

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