A Little more than one year ago, I Quit my Job to Travel the world! Wow it has been a long time and so many good things happened since then! But we had also struggles and worries!

I have never regretted that I quit my well paid job and I would always do the same if I could go back! Sometimes you are so used to your job, to your routine and you are living life like you are in a hamster weel. This is when year after year goes by, and life gets kind of boring! Do your really want that for the rest of your life? How much free time do you really have on a regular day, after work, eat, sleep? Maybe 2-4 hours? Is that enough to be satisfied and to actually live your dreams and passions?




More and more people (especially older people with kids) are telling us that we are living our life the right way and the wish they would have had the guts to do the same before they had kids.

When you are settled in life, you have a mortgage, it only gets harder to quit your job and just go!

So in the last 12 month after I quit my job, we went to Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Denmark, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, USA, Germany and are going again to Czech Republic and France next week.




We had hard times, especially after my scooter accident last September, but we made amazing memories!

Sometimes we get a little tired of traveling, and miss your own bed and a routine, but when we are back in our German home base, we are always looking for new adventures and thinking back to the beautiful places we have been to! Now it is getting a little colder every day here in Germany, so we miss the hot weather in paradise!

All in all Jeremy and me can recommend it to everybody to step out of your comfort zone and jump into a new world full of adventures! Go out to places you have never been before and see the beauty of the world! Meet locals and try food you have never heard of! We guarantee: jellyfish salad is delicious!

Open your mind!

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