Hey Guys,

I am sorry for not writing a new blog post in a few weeks! Jeremy and me had a really great time in America and we came back to our German home base 6 weeks ago! After being back here we were busy meeting our friends, getting a little bit settled again here, eating the best german dishes and of course enjoying the summer here.

We have a few new projects going on right now, so be ready for more blog posts soon :)) Big things are coming!!!

As you can imagine we had a little bit of fast food and a few cokes in the USA and now it is time for a retreat.

30 day water challenge

I read a very interesting article about how the body and your system changes, if you drink only water, no soft drinks, no alcohol, etc for at least 30 days. And this is what I want to try! I am hoping Jeremy will do it with me 🙂

I heard after drinking only water for a couple of days, you will feel the first effects. You will feel much more awake, you are supposed to have a better concentration, you will sleep better and be more healthy! Your skin should be cleaner and you should also look refreshed. This is what we want to experience!

So today is day 4 of our 30 day water challenge! We will write about our challenge, how we feel and the end results soon!

Who is joining us and the 30 day water challenge?

My favorite drinks right now are water with lemon slices & mint leaves and in the mornings and evenings we love to have a few cups of chinese Sencha Tea!


So far, I really enjoy it and I don’t really miss sodas!

So come back to Openmindtravelers again!



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