Since more than 10 years now I am booking all my accommodations and flights online.
Not everybody is doing it this way, some are scared to get scammed.
There are some websites out there which are not trustworthy. But I actually never had any trouble with booking online. To book online is the best way to get a cheap hotel!

My Experience In Cheap Hotel Bookings

I booked my first trip online with my friend Corinna to the Spanish party island Mallorca 12 years ago. We had such a beautiful hotel and a good time. So this was a really great experience for my first online booking. And since then I never did it any other way!

So I want to share with you today how to do it and which website I use!

How To Book A Cheap Hotel

My absolute favorite website to check for good hotels and actually book them is
I go there and fill in my destination and with the filters I set what I want.
No matter if you want a beach front, family friendly, all inclusive hotel, you can check all your wishes and let the website find the perfect accommodation for you. started in the year Xxx and i Know that they are really good. I never had a bad experience, so I truely trust this Website.


The important thing is to trust other people’s reviews on the hotels. I never book anything which has a lower recommendation rate than 80%. These people who are writing Hotel reviews have been there! They have an opinion about it and want to share their experience to make it better for us, for all of you.

I read what these travelers like me write about the hotel I am interested in, what they like about it or did not like.
For me this is a much better way than to just trust one single person, who works in a travel agency and has actually never been to the Hotel in person.

What do you think? Do you book online or are you still going to the travel agencies?


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