We started our day a little before noon and drove to Vir Croatia. A long bridge connects Vir Croatia to the mainland to make it easy for people to cross over without having to board a ferry. Upon arrival we stopped at a small cafe and met a few locals that told us where to find the best spots on the island. Unfortunately most of the places in Vir don’t serve food until 3pm so we picked up a few things from the local bakery to hold us over.

After exploring the island some more we decided to pick a spot on the east side to relax. We spent a few hours snorkeling and lounging on the beach. The water in Vir Croatia is so clear and and there are so many good spots that often we had a whole beach to ourselves.

Later we ate dinner at an small place in Nin called Pizza Palace. The food was excellent and like most restaurants in Croatia, the prices were cheap. After dinner we walked around the old town. We saw a nice church courtyard and a very cool stone bridge.

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