Venice weather in decent all year round but tourism spikes in the summer when the sun is out. There are so many things to do in Venice, from gondola rides to street performances; this city always serves up a good time. The Roman city of Venice is made up of many islands and the only way to travel between the islands is by water taxi. The water taxis are so much fun and during your ride you have some fantastic views of Venice Italy.

Things to do in Venice

Take a Water Taxi

I don’t know why but the water taxi is my favorite attraction in the city. I know it’s not really an attraction in Venice but I enjoy it and doing a round on the water taxi is a great way to see the whole city.

Piazza San Marco

Millions of people visit Piazza San Marco every year. It is the most famous Piazza in all of Venice. The piazza is always pretty crazy and full of tourists but its beauty of the piazza is enough to make you forget the craziness that surrounds you.

Take a Gondola Ride

I don’t quite remember what the price for a gondola ride is but I think its something like one hundred bucks a pop. Oh well, when in Rome, do as the Romans do and when in Venice, ride the gondolas. =)

Campanile di San Marco

Climb to the top of the tower and have a great view of Venice Italy.

Delicious Food in Venice

The restaurants in Venice are always packed and very over priced so I recommend the sandwich shops and pizzerias.

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