Sky Scanner

Sky Scanner is by far the best travel search engine that enables you to find and compare flights, hotels and rental cars easily from your smart phone. I have been using sky scanner for several years now to book trips all over the world. Their easy to use platform will help you find the best price for your desired trip.

If you are on a limited budget and haven’t already decided on a destination, sky scanner included a feature that allows you to browse though a list of the most affordable destinations a select departure location. For example, If you want to travel, are on a limited budget but you dont know where to go, simply log on to, select your departure location, the dates you wish to travel and click search. Sky Scanner with then provide you with a list of destinations in order from cheapest to most expensive. It’s as easy as that!

Tip: The more flexible you are with your travel dates the cheaper it can be.

 Blah Blah Car

Blah Blah Car is great tool for travelers on a budget. Blah Blah Car provides travelers with an affordable alternative for transportation in the form of ride sharing. The service allows drivers and potential passengers to connect, arrange a carpool and share the cost.


Rome2Rio is great tool for travel planning. Rome2Rio compares different modes of transpiration based on price and time of travel from one city to another. Check out Rome2Rio when you take your next trip and you’ll be surprised at how many different ways there are to travel.