We relaxed alot on our third day and Jeremy´s friend Martin was working. In the afternoon we drove to Brussels  and met Martin at the Grand Place at 7.30pm where we had our first Belgium waffels which tasts so good, that I could eat these every day 🙂

On our walking tour through the City Jeremy got almost hurt by a man on his bike, who was really really fast and didn´t look forward. Jeremy took this photo when he almost got hit:


Martin showed us the Manneken Pis, which is a famous little fountain-statue in Brussels.


And now we have a quiz for you 😉

Find the mistake in this photo and commend below if you found it!


Walking around the city made us hungry and we wanted to get some really good Belgium Food with Martin. He took us to a amazing restaurant, where Jeremy got “carbonnades a la chimay” Blabla which was meat in a traditional beer sauce and marshed potatoes with brokkoli and chicorée. I got the “EntreCôte Grillée” which came with a Baked potatoe and Salat. Martin had another Steak with Belgium beer Sauce. We tried from everyones plate and enjoyed the evening a lot.


We walked around the City and took photos.


On our way back to Martins house, we stoped at the Waterloo battlefield, which was light up in the night.


Brussels Video

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