18 Days After My Scooter Accident

On 22nd of September i had a Scooter accident 30km east of Chiang Mai on our way to the highest mountain in Thailand.I feel much better by now, but I still have to take care of my foot and knee because my wounds are still not really closed.

The first few days after the accident I had very bad dreams about what happened. I could be dead, I lost my helmet while I fall, but my head, face or backbone is fine.

I was so lucky and I guess a had a guardian angel.

I am so glad, that nothing really bad happened and nothing is broken.

But I am still afraid of riding on the back of a scooter. I did it twice now, but I didn't feel good.

The roads here in Thailand are not the best, but the Thai people drive their scooter with so much confidence and actually I know that I am pretty save.

After the accident we spent one Week in Chiang Mai, and i Could not Leave our Hostel often. I had a very hard Time to walk or bend my knee.

Jeremy took good care of me and cleaned my wounds a few times a day with h2o2 and betadine, which helped a lot because it is antispectic and also drys it out a little.

After one week in Chiang Mai I felt better and we drove to Pai by bus, because Pai is such a good place to recover.

It was an about 3 hours ride on a windy road, but absolutely worth it.

We had a nice little bungalow in a cute garden for only 5€ a night.

The location was perfect, because it was 1 minute away from one of the Main Streets by the night market.

We really loved to eat at the night market and it was a good training for my foot and knee to walk a little every day!

We went back to Chiang Mai and took a flight to the south of a Thailand.

Now we are on the beautiful island of Koh Tao, relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sound of the ocean.

Yesterday I thought it is a good idea to go in the ocean, because the salt water can help the wounds to heal. At first I went in the sea only with my feet and that felt so good and it did not burn on the wound at all.

So a few hours later we bought snorkeling equipment and I went in the sea completely.

snorkeling-jeremy-kohtao My scab on my foot fell of and the new skin looks really good and I feel so much better.

My knee will take a few more days, it looks still a little deep, but I am happy that I am making progress so fast and I can walk almost normal already.

Thanks everybody for your support!