Trésor D'Angkor Villas & Resort: The Dream Hotel in Siem Reap

We came to Siem Reap to go to the famous UNESCO world heritage site Angkor Wat and had a gread time there! During our Cambodia Vacation in Siem Reap, we stayed a couple of nights in the amazing Trésor D'Angkor Villas & Resort and had such a great experience there. We would love to go back there soon. The Trésor D'Angkor Villas & Resort is one of my favourite Hotels in the World ♥ 


I love this Hotel

After a few busy days in Cambodians Capital Phnom Penh, the Trésor D'Angkor Villas & Resort feels like Paradise! The Resort is about 2 km outside of Siem Reap, which makes it perfect. We are staying in the pure nature with beautiful butterflys, away from the noisy city. 

The Trésor D'Angkor Villas & Resort has 9 Villas with 18 rooms. 2 Rooms have a private pool. In the middle of the resort is a beautiful garden with a saltwater pool. Around the pool are many relax chairs with comfortable matrices and sun umbrellas and 8 relax chairs inside the nice pool.


View from the roof top

The beautiful furnished lobby is surrounded by a nice little lake with fishes inside. That means there are almost no Mosquitos, jippii :) When we arrived, the staff welcomed us very friendly and we got a delicious welcome drink and a cold towel.


Entrance of the Trésor D'Angkor Villas & Resort

Next to the lobby is the restaurant, where the guests enjoy a very tasty breakfast buffet and optional lunch and dinner. 

The breakfast buffet of the Trésor D'Angkor Villas & Resort consists of 2 warm dishes, like fried rice and Cambodian noodles, which changes every day. Then they have a variety of fresh fruits, different kinds of bread and croissants, cereals, marmalade, etc. Besides that everybody can choose a dish out of a breakfast menu. We enjoyed the breakfast a lot, it was very delicious!

The coffee and the variety of tea is very very good in the restaurant of the Trésor D'Angkor Villas & Resort

The Sunset Lounge, which is on the roof top of the lobby, is the perfect spot to have a drink and watch the sunset in the late afternoon. 


beautiful salt-water pool

The modern architecture of the villas and the whole resort is amazing, I really love this style.

The rooms are huge and very comfortable. They are furnished with a king size bed, a bench in front of it to sit on, a coffee table and a TV. Every room has a desk as well. 


Huge rooms with everything you could wish for

In the room are tea and coffee-making facilities and complimentary water.

The room is divided from the huge bathroom by a curtain. The bathroom provides a very nice shower and a bathtube and you have a lot of space. I loved taking a bath and relaxing there.


They have a gym with garden with a great pool view as well. We didn't do sports, but it is definitely nice to have, if you are staying a little longer. Everything seems to be brand new and nice.


Gym with pool view

The resort offers their hotel guests to use really nice mountain bikes, to bike around Siem Reap and explore the city by yourself. We haven't had enough time, but we wanted to do it. I think this is a great opportunity to see a lot.

They have a shuttle service to the Town as well. This offer is really great. The lovely drivers brought us to the night market and picked us up at a settled time. 

The staff is so friendly and helpful. We love the Cambodian locals, they are very good people. 

The Trésor D'Angkor was opened one year ago and it is a magical place for me. I will definitely come back soon. This is the perfect place to spend a few relaxed days or weeks, to celebrate a anniversary or your honeymoon.

Find more information about the Hotel and book it here: Trésor D'Angkor in Siem Reap


Angkor Heritage Boutique Hotel in Siem Reap

The Angkor Heritage Boutique Hotel is a great 4 Star Hotel with a beautiful pool in the tropical garden. It is a place to relax and enjoy with a lot of opportunities around it.  The Hotels has 30 well appointed spacious rooms and we can highly recommend it for familys as well.

We enjoyed 3 days there, relaxed at the pool, went for sightseeing to the Angkor Wat Temple complex, which is a UNESCO Heritage Site and had a really great time in Siem Reap!


When you walk in this beautiful Hotel, you feel like in a tropical garden. There are so many plants and flowers, it is really nice. This buddha statue is in the middle of the lot.


tropical garden

Our hotel room in the Angkor Heritage Boutique Hotel was very big and we felt like home there. Everything is arranged nice for the guests. The four-poster bed is definitely a highlight in the rooms and we slept so good there. On the wall in front of the bed is a TV hanging. The room is furnished with a desk and a coffee and tea station as well. We had everything we needed for our few vacation days in the Angkor Heritage Boutique Hotel in Siem Reap.


our huge hotel room


my dream bed :)

Another highlight of our stay in the Angkor Heritage Boutique Hotel was our huge balcony with a perfect view of the garden and the pool. We were sitting there often, talking and relaxing.


huge balcony with a view of the tropical garden and the pool


our nice view from the balcony

After a half day walking through the ruins of the UNESCO Heritage Site of Angkor Wat, we needed to take a break and relax a couple of hours at the pool. I loved that there were not so many people and I really enjoyed, that this hotel is a quiet hotel, 15 minutes away from the busy city center.


Our stay at the Angkor Heritage Boutique Hotel included a delicious breakfast buffet. It was set up very graceful and they had a good variety of food. When we are traveling I love to eat like a local, so I had noodle soup for breakfast in Cambodia.


Breakfast buffet

This is a great Hotel, a few minute drive from the city center and the night markets of Siem Reap. If you are planning a trip to Angkor Wat and Siem Reap check availability and rates for the Hotel here: Angkor Heritage Boutique Hotel


The Sanctuary Villa Battambang - Our Hotel In Battambang

Our last stop on our Cambodia Tour was the nice little town called Battambang in north western Cambodia. We stayed at The Sanctuary Villa Battambang for 2 nights before we headed to Bangkok. This amazing hotel looks a little like a Khmer Buddhist Temple, which is very nice and makes difference .

All the rooms a beautiful villas with a terrace. The black furnished rooms look very elegant and we felt very comfortable there.


Our terrace at The Sanctuary Villa Battambang


elegant furnished rooms

It is great to have a lot of space in a hotel room. The bathroom was amazing, additional to the walk-in shower, our villa had a jacuzzi too. Every villa has a flatscreen tv and a dvd player as well.


Salt-water pool

The weather was sunny and we could enjoy our time at the nice salt-water pool. The comfortable relax chairs are perfect to read or chill and get a tan. I loved the nice trees and flowers around the pool. We saw a lot of butterflies.

The Sanctuary Villa Battambang has a great kitchen. The breakfast buffet at the outside restaurant was very tasty! They offered khmer dishes, western breakfast and fresh fruits with coffee, tea and different juices.


We also had a delicious lunch there. The table is set up very graceful. Before the main dish, the staff served us fresh and warm bread with butter. They made perfect khmer dishes, like the famous beef lok lak and chicken amok. I tried my first chicken amok there and i loooved it! It came in a little baking dish with a lid and was served very nice.


The staff of the hotel is very friendly and helped us planning our next bus trip to Bangkok. Whenever you want to go to the city center, which is about 5 minutes away by tuktuk, they call a tuktuk for you and take care of every matter.

It was a very nice stay in Battambang and we would like to go there again. Find more information about this beautiful Hotel: The Sanctuary Villa Battambang


Oriental Spa - Perfect Day In Phnom Penh

In the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh we can highly recommend the Oriental Spa, which offers great Spa packages.
It is located at the #8, Street 258 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which was only a short scooter ride away from the Ben Thanh Market, where our Hotel was.


enjoying a very delicious welcome-tea

We arrived at the Oriental Spa and got a really delicious cambodian tea and started to relax. The friendly staff gave us a menu and explained what kind of spa packages they offer.

Jeremy and I picked two different Spa packages. We both got a fantastic relax massage, which we enjoyed a lot. Jeremy got a body scrub and a head massage after. 

He loved it and felt very good after our 2,5 hour Spa treatment.

After the great relax massage I got a facial treatment. The lovely lady massaged my face and I got the best face mask, I have ever had! It felt cold and very very relaxing! My skin was very soft and I felt good and happy after that treatment.

The Oriental Spa uses only high quality products, which we really appreciate. They care about their customers and made us so happy!

After my facial treatment I changed the room and enjoyed a foot scrub.


Foot scrub

I was sitting next to Jeremy in the relax chairs, we drank another delicious Cambodian tea and I swear Jeremy's skin was soo soft after his body scrub. It felt like baby skin, which was amazing!

We had a great time and enjoyed 2 lovely spa packages at the Oriental Spa in Phnom Penh. The manager and the staff are so friendly and nice.


perfect day at Oriental Spa in Phnom Penh

Our plan was to find a place, where they would produce and print 100 Open Mind Travelers T-Shirts with our logo, and so we asked the manager if he has an advice for us. He made a few phone calls and helped us a lot, which we really appreciate.

The staff at Oriental Spa are really nice and good people!

So if you are planning a trip to cambodians capital Phnom Penh, do yourself the favor and get an amazing spa package at Oriental Spa!


Siem Reap - Angkor Wat


Siem Reap is famous for its about 1000 year old Angkor Wat temples. Not kings lived there, but rather gods, how it is told in the legend. The temple complex stands for cambodia and it is on the national flag as well as on the bills.

Spend a nice and historical day to see Angkor Wat in Siem Reap!

Sightseeing in Siem Reap

I guess 99,9 % of the tourists come to Siem Reap to see the temples of Angkor Wat. That is what i did.
We drove from Khao San Road in Bangkok by Minivan to the border of Cambodia, where we had to get a visa and then to Siem Reap, which is very close to the famous temples. You can get really cheap and nice hotels in Siem Reap.

Angkor Wat

Go to Angkor Wat and enjoy the historical temple complex. The One Day Pass is 25$ per Person. We spent about 5-6 hours there, spoke to locals and prayed with them in one temple. I really like the temple complex and the old banyan trees.

Old Market in Siem Reap

If you want to buy a few shirts, scarfs or something, go to the old market in Siem Reap. You can buy some textils for less money then in Thailand and it is good quality.

Night Markets Siem Reap

The night markets are great there. In Siem Reap are 3 night markets, which are very close together. It is very nice to walk around and get good deals on watches, clothes, souvenirs.

Delicious Food in Siem Reap

I had a very delicious and unforgetable Cambodian BBQ. It was like a pan, filled with hot water for the vegetables and i got a lot of different ingredients like meat, seafood, vegetables and rice to cook everything on my own. I really liked it. See the fotos below!

Beef Lok Lak is a famous dish in Cambodia, which is very delicious. They produce and sell the Lok Lak spices in Siem Reap as well, so you can take it home and cook it in your own kitchen.

Another tasty cambodian dish is the Chicken Amok. It is a curry dish, served with rice! I love it!

Transportation in Siem Reap

I recommend to take a TukTuk driver for one or 1,5 days. We had a driver for 1,5 days and at the first day we started in the afternoon and went with him to a traditional fabric and he drove us to the old market of Siem Reap and showed us a nice sunset at the Angkor Wat temple complex. The next day he picked us up early in the morning and drove us to Angkor Wat. We saw a lot of monkeys on our way, which was really funny =) He was waiting for us the whole time, while we were visiting the temples, drove us to the next and in the evening (after we went back to shower in the hotel), he drove us for dinner. The whole 1,5 days was about 15 $. Some TukTuk driver have cold water for you, which is great after a sight seeing day.

For small Tuk Tuk rides, which take up to 20 minutes, you should not have to pay more than 3$!

Hotels in Siem Reap

Trésor D’Angkor Villas & Resort: We spent two nights at this resort and it is one of my favorite hotels in the World! It is really amazing, the pool is great and i loved that it is a little outside of the busy city.

Angkor Heritage Boutique Hotel: That Hotel is very nice too and we can recommend it for families as well.