There’s a Starbucks, and there’s Starbucks, and there’s another Starbucks. You can thank Seattle for that. But Seattle is famous for a lot more than just a great marketing and mediocre coffee. Seattle is the birthplace for some of America’s greatest musicians including Nirvana, Pearl Jam and the legendary Jimi Hendrix. This beautiful, rainy, hipster, pot smoking paradise is truly one of a kind.

Sightseeing Seattle

Space Needle: From the top floor of the Space Needle you have a great view over the entire city so make it one of your first visits and familiarize yourself with the landscape.

Century Link: You cant talk about Seattle without talking Seattle Sports. I have never witnessed a more loyal fan following than I did in Seattle. Whether you visit “The Hawks”, “The Mariners”, “The Zags”, “Wazzo” or “U Dub” you are in for a treat. “The Link” however, is the loudest of all venues in Washington and in America, if you ask a Seattleite.

Pioneer Square: Pioneer Square, also known as the old city center, is the site of the first settlement in 1852. Walk on cobblestone roads and check out some of the classic red brick buildings. Pioneer Square is a must see when you are visiting Seattle.

Hing Hay Park: To say the least this is not your typical park but it would be cool if it was. Check out some interesting musical performances and cultural events. Even participate in some Tai Chi or play a game chess. If you want to pass on the Tai Chi you can always do the local thing and hit up a karaoke bar and drink bubble tea.

Port of Seattle: One of the cleanest ports I have ever been to. Check out Waterfront Park and Pier 66.

Delicious Food

Seafood: Try the seafood at the Port of Seattle

Accommodation in Seattle

Try AirBnB or Couchsurfing!

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