Located South of Cancun and the center of the Mayan Riviera, Playa Del Carmen is often referred to as the European Cancun. Over the years Cancun has been servilely overwhelmed by the tourism industry and Playa Del Carmen has become the more relaxing alternative. There are not as many nigh clubs here but there are plenty of other reasons why you should visit this tropical paradise.

Things to do in Playa del Carmen

Downtown Playa

The most popular spot in Playa Del Carmen goes by the name of Quinta Avenida or “5th avenue.” Quinta Avenita is a cobblestone, pedestrian only street that is lined with restaurants, bars, all plenty of shopping.

Enjoy the Playa Del Carmen weather

The weather in Playa Del Carmen is great all year round but the best time to visit is between April and June.


Playa del Carmen is not as wild as its neighbour Cancun but its definitely a great experience. The restaurants in the area usually close around 10pm but the clubs will rage till around 6 following morning. The best clubs in Playa Del Carmen are the ones on the beach so don’t dress up too much. Enjoy =)

Visit the Cenotes

The Yucatan peninsula of Mexico is famous for its Cenotes. A Cenote is a underground fresh water pool formed naturally by sinkholes in the ground. Cenotes vary in size but are they are known to run for miles underground, which make it a really cool place to swim. There are plenty of Cenotes in the area but I would only recommend swimming in the cenote with a local or a guide.

Playa Del Carmen Resorts

Like its neighbour to the north Cancun, Playa Del Carmen is famous for its all inclusive resorts. The all inclusive resorts are a must try when you come to this part of the world. Enjoy =)

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