Out of all of the cities I’ve visited in the world I have to say it’s difficult to beat a perfect day in LA. The sun, the beach, great food, and entertainment what else is there? I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Hollywood and hopefully the famed Santa Monica Boulevard but I’d like to cover a few other great places that maybe you haven’t heard of.

Places to see in Los Angeles

  • Venice Beach- Received its name from tobacco millionaire Abbot Kinney whose goal it was to construct a Venetian style city on the beach complete with beautiful canals resembling the canals of Venice, Italy. Today, Venice Beach is better known for attractions such as muscle beach, where Arnold Schwarzenegger began his movie career, and the Venice Skate Park, where you can watch skaters from all over the world demo their incredible talents. Don’t miss out on this unique beach city and feel free to wander the neighborhoods in search of the famous Venice canals, one of Los Angeles’s best-kept secrets.
  • Santa Monica Pier- Located directly on the pier is a fantastic amusement park with rides carnival games to check out. During the summer bands from all over the world come here to perform. The fairs wheel is a must if you are visiting because if offers you the best views of the coastline. Still my favorite thing to do here is to grab coffee or a smoothie and watch the surfers from the pier during sunset.
  • Go Shopping: There are so many different representations of style in this city and all at fair prices. If you consider yourself a shopaholic, the city shopping district could quite possibly be your kryptonite. Here are a few suggestions of places to check out:
    • The Grove
    • The Beverly Center
    • Third Street Promenade

Delicious Food in Los Angeles

  • Tito’s Tacos: No, this not your ordinary Mexican joint but the food here sure is delicious. I don’t think I have ever been to this restaurant without having to stand in line with at least 20 other people. In spite of the high demand, surprisingly I have never had to wait longer than 15-20 minutes for my order so don’t let the lines scare you away. They have a small menu but if you can’t decide just get one of everything. I’m serious! Don’t forget the GUAC!
  • Diddy Reese- Probably the most famous ice cream shop in Los Angeles. On a typical night this place has a line wrapped around the block with tourists and locals (mostly UCLA students) alike waiting sometimes up to an hour in line to satisfy their sweet tooth.
  • First Friday – On the first Friday of every month, food trucks swarm the street of Abbot Kinney in Venice. In case you were wondering, these are no ordinary food trucks. Most food trucks are known for serving ok food known as beer soakers but these trucks serve delicious food at good prices. Try the Kogi BBQ Truck it’s the best!
  • InNout- If you have never been to an InNout in your life you are seriously missing out. I don’t know what it is about this burger joint that sets it apart from the other burger joints of the world but this place is truly remarkable. “Number one with grilled onions, animal fries, extra spread and a lemonade,” you can’t beat it.

Accommodations in Los Angeles

  • Custom Hotel: It’s definitely not the Ritz-Carlton but this place has one very important quality, a fantastic location. If you want to be centrally located and in close proximity to some of the best beaches for under $100 the Custom Hotel is a great choice. From the Custom hotel you are approximately 20 minutes from everything on the Westside and in a city notorious for traffic, location is extremely important.


  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Rent a Car: Drive on the 405 and get caught in rush hour traffic and feel what its like to be a local.

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