Dubrovnik is AWESOME! I can’t believe how amazing and cheep everything is here. The food is delicious and the beachside villas are spectacular. My favorite time to visit Dubrovnik is towards the end of May. The weather is perfect and the water is so refreshing. The beaches you find here will be some of the best you will ever see so don’t miss out.

Things to do in Dubrovnik

Go to the Beach

All of Croatia’s beaches are very postcard worthy and Dubrovnik’s beaches are no exception. However, if you plan on swimming make sure you are wearing water shoes. Most of the beaches, if not all of them, in Croatia are rocky and home to several sea urchins that can sting you pretty good if you aren’t being careful. Getting stung by a sea urchin can completely end your holiday so be careful.

The Walls

It used to be free but now I think the price is 10 euro to walk around Dubrovnik’s city walls. Either way the 10 Euro is absolutely worth it because the best views of Dubrovnik can be seen from here.


There are churches everywhere in Dubrovnik. Spend the day scrolling the ancient roads and admire the beautiful architecture that surrounds you, with ice cream in hand of course.

Cliff Dive off of the city walls

Yea that’s right! Cliff diving! You didn’t hear this from me but if you are into cliff diving boy do I have a spot for you. From the Dubrovnik Cathedral head south towards the coast and follow the tiny streets. You will come across a small dark doorway/tunnel. Enter the doorway and on the other side you will find a very private café that is perfectly tucked into the city walls. Stop and enjoy an over priced cocktail and pick a spot on the rock to chill out. The cliffs are between 5- 15 feet so pick a spot you are comfortable with and dive right in.

Delicious Food in Dubrovnik

The best advice I can offer about finding a good place to eat is first of all don’t trust Trip Advisor or any of the travel sites because those places are usually over priced and mediocre. The best restaurants I have found in Croatia are the ones I simply stumbled upon while I was wandering the streets. Another piece of advice, don’t wait till you are super hungry to look for a restaurant. It never turns out good.

Apartments in Dubrovnik

If you stay anywhere in the city center be prepared to pay more for less quality. If you want to find a great place for a good deal you have to drive a few km south of the city center. Believe me, you wont be disappointed.

We stayed in Marnic Apartments in Soline, 10 km from Dubrovnik. This was the best apartment of our whole Croatia Trip! Enjoy the ocean view, the pool and relax in the small village near Dubrovnik!

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