Croatia Roadtrip


We left Germany for a roadtrip through Croatia and we want to see the wonderful nature, breathtaking waterfalls and beautiful and lonely beaches in Croatia.

Day 1: Graz, VaRazdin and zagreb

We stoped on our way in Graz, the second largest city in Austria. The old center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We enjoyed a few minutes in the nice park.

We drove through Slovenia and our next stop was Varazdin in Croatia. We explored the town and had dinner at a nice restaurant, called Dominico.

After 1,5 hours driving we arrived in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. We had a small room close to the center.

Day 2:

We left Zagreb in the morning and our next stop was Karlovac. We saw a sport fishing competition at the river and we met the Croatian national team coach. We enjoyed the Vrbanicev Park and walked around the Lake Korana.

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