After visiting the beautiful cities in the north of Croatia we were not particularly impressed with Split. The city center is run down and probably not the safest so we decided that one night was enough and continued on.

On our way we found a small Pizza place called Domina in the center of Nikola-makarska. We spent about 2 hours there enjoying an order of their delicious pizza.

After lunch the plan was to drive all the way to Dubrovnik but the weather was so bad that after two hours of driving we decided to look for an apartment. We saw a sign off of the road in Podaca advertising available apartments so we decided to stop and check it out. The apartment was absolutely beautiful and it had a balcony that overlooked the ocean. The owner Marija did not speak English or German but we managed to communicate and negotiate a price on her hand held calculator.

After settling in to the apartment we met Marija’s husband who is a carpenter and makes his own chairs and terrace furniture out of wood. He invited us to try some of his homemade liqueur and he showed us his work shop. We were all sitting together on the terrace and he and Jeremy began taking turns at playing his guitar. Marija’s husband sang croatian songs for us and Jeremy shared some of his American music.

Later a family friend by the name of Raoke came to visit, he spoke English and German which made everything easier. He brought olives out of his garden and wine for us to try.

We were the first guests in Marija’s apartment this season and her husband wanted to make dinner for us. We got so delicious croatian saucages and bread and Marija made palatschinken for desert. We Will Never forget this perfect croatian afternoon.

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