We are excited to present our new collection of Travel T-Shirts in amazing quality with our Open Mind Travelers Logo!!! Our Travel T-shirts are super soft and light weight to keep you cool and comfortable when you are on the go. We visited several factories on our tour of Asia and sampled from hundreds of different styles and fabrics and we picked the best. Our amazing Travel T-shirt is made with just the right combination of cotton and polyester for a perfect fit that drys super fast, very important when traveling. Our logo is custom screen printed by hand and will not fade so your Travel T-shirt will look great in all of your travel photos no matter how rugged your journey may be.

Our Travel T-shirts come in 6 different color combinations and all sizes for the awesome price of 15€ each plus shipping but we only have a limited supply so ORDER NOW!

We are proud to create amazing content for you from our journey around the world and the money we earn from selling our shirts will be directly invested into supporting openmindtravelers.com and we will continue to bring you even more amazing content and travel tips, so stay tuned.

Thank you so much for your support and always remember,

Do what you love,

Do it often,

And always travel with an OPEN MIND!

Open Mind Travelers – Travel T-Shirts

We have unisex travel T-shirts in red, purple, dark grey, light grey, dark blue and white.


Please note: the sizes are about a half size smaller than advertised.

Travel T-Shirt Dark Grey
Available Sizes:
S, M, L (sold out), XL, XXL

Travel T-Shirt Light Grey
Available Sizes:
S, M, L (sold out), XL, XXL

Travel T-Shirt Purple
Available Sizes:
S, M (sold out)

Travel T-Shirt Dark Blue
Available Sizes:
S, M (sold out), L (sold out), XL, XXL

Travel T-Shirt Red
Available Sizes:
S, M, L (sold out), XL, XXL

Travel T-Shirt White
Available Sizes:

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