In the busy City Ho Chi Minh you should treat yourself to a good massage and relax for a few hours to renew your energy. One of the best and famous spas in Saigon is the Temple Leaf Spa & Sauna. It is located in the City Center in Ho Chi Minh / Saigon, about 1 km from Ben Thanh Market.

Best massage & best spa in Saigon: Temple Leaf Spa & Sauna


We went there to enjoy a great spa package for 2 hours. Our spa package included an amazing aroma oil massage with hot stones for 60 minutes, and a steam bath, sauna and pools with different temperatures as well. 

When we arrived we got a Lotus tea with ginger in a very good and calm atmosphere. After walking 30 minutes through the busy city this was the perfect start of our spa treatment.



Before the massage the staff asked us to fill out a piece of paper with a few questions and we could pick two parts of our body, which they would focus on. I think that was a great idea and i picked my neck and back for special treatment.

The massage was one of the best I ever got, not to strong, not to soft, just perfect. I enjoyed the hot stones sliding over my body a lot. The heat calmed me down and the massage let my forgot everything else, which was in my mind before. They played very relaxing music in the background, which made it even better.

The lady, who gave me the massage brought me after to the sauna, steam bath and the pools.

I was completely alone, men and ladies are divided. I enjoyed the sauna and the steam bath, a really cold shower after and the pools, which had different water temperatures. 

After the relaxing 2 hours at the Temple Leaf Spa & Sauna I took a great shower. They provided good shower gels, shampoos and conditioner for me. Furthermore they organised the fitting room with special attention for detail. There was everything you could wish for:

Makeup Remover, a comb, hair dryer, hair styling mouse, toothbrushes and toothpaste, q-tips and a lot more. 


Temple Leaf Spa & Sauna – good for body & soul

After the unbelievable 2 hours full of recreation, we got another beauty tea. The delicious Lotus Tea grows here in Vietnam and it is very good for your skin and body. Finally one day after the Spa Day we bought 30 Lotus flowers to take it home 🙂


As a result we want to say thank you so much Temple Leaf Spa & Sauna for the great time, we enjoyed it a lot and we can’t wait to come back one day!

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