The romantic city of Heidelberg will capture your heart! Heidelberg was hit during the 17th century, but rebuilt in the 18th century with a lot of amazing buildings. A walk through the old and narrow streets will stay in your memory forever! It is a beautiful small city in the heart of Germany with a lot of landmarks. The city is known for the historical Castle, the Alte Brücke (old Bridge) with the cute luck monkey and the Student Jail.

Heidelberg is one of the top tourist destinations in Germany,with more than 1 million visitors every year. 

Things to do in Heidelberg

Heidelberg Castle

The Heidelberg Castle is the famous ruin, which was party rebuilt in the 17 and 18th century. You can walk there within 20 minutes or take the Heidelberger Bergbahn, a railway, which runs from the market square to the top of the mountain.  Enjoy the nice view and the mystic atmosphere.

The Castle in Heidelberg is amazing! 


Heidelbergs beautiful castle

Old Town Heidelberg

We loved going for a walk in the Old Town of Heidelberg, where the streets are narrow and the Houses are cute. There are so many things to explore. We walked by a nice old town market, where they sold fresh fruits and vegetables, german sausages and different specialities. 


Market Heidelberg


Old Bridge

The Old bridge was built by Karl Theodor and is an old stone bridge crossing the Neckar river. It looks very nice, especially in spring and summer.

There is a little monkey with a golden disc sitting at the bridge. Rub the golden disk for good luck!


lucky monkey on the old bridge

Philosophers Way

This rough path got the name during the Romantic Period, because a lot of philosophers and professors walked their for the great views of the town. 

Famous German poets got inspired by their walks on the epic path.

It is located at the Neckar River and leads through the vineyards.

Student Jail

This jail is not that strict than a regular jail, but miscreants students were kept there for a few days. The walls are covered with graffiti and arts. It was used from the 1780s until 1914.

Old University Heidelberg 

The Old University is a magnificent historic building in Heidelberg. The Student Jail is located in the back of the University.


Hotel in Heidelberg

We booked the Exzellenz Hotel in Heidelberg and had a great stay there! The Hotel is the perfect mixture of the famous Jugendstil and modern art. Our Hotel room was really nice, the breakfast so delicious and we can highly recommend everybody to stay at the Exzellenz Hotel if you are going to visit Heidelberg!


Read more on our Blog Post about the Exzellenz Hotel

Restaurants in Heidelberg

Heidelberg has a lot of restaurants, bars and cafes, where traveler can get delicious food from different countries. The Exzellenz Hotel has an exzellent restaurants, called season, which offers high quality dishes! 

Transportation in Heidelberg

We went there by car, but it is also possible to go by train or bus. In the Old Town, where are the landmarks are, you can walk or take the Straßenbahn, which is a railway.


Cacnipa Island

The island Cacnipa is a about 45 minute boat ride of the coast of Port Barton. It is an amazing green island with a beautiful beach with crystal-clear water. To relax for a few days or a week this is the best place, it is like paradise.

Things to do in Cacnipa Island

  • Go snorkelling in the reef at the beach:
    There is a reef very close to the beautiful beach with a lot of different species of fishes and also turtles. The best time to go snorkelling is in the early morning, when the ocean is calm.
  • Relax in a hammock:
    The resort has a few hammocks direct at the beach between the palm trees. This is the perfect atmosphere to relax, read a book, sleep and escape the daily stress.
  • Play beach volleyball, table tennis, badminton, basketball:
    There are a few options to do sports in the resort. Everybody can borrow the equipment for free and it is so much fun to play a volleyball game with nice new travel friends in the sand in one at the best beaches in the world.
  • Go hiking in the jungle:
    Behind the resort is a little pathway which goes through the jungle and leads to the viewpoints of Island Cacnipa.
  • Do a island hopping tour:
    For about 300-500 Pesos per person you can book a island hopping tour in the resort. The boat brings you to 3 places to go snorkelling and to 2 nice beaches, where you can enjoy your lunch.
  • Rent a Kayak:
    For 150 Pesos (3 Euro) the resort will rent out double kanus. Explore the beaches around the island by yourself!

Hotel Cacnipa Island

Cacnipa Island has only one resort, the Coconut Garden Island Resort. The price for a room for one night is 700 Pesos (14 Euro), for one bungalow is 1.400 Pesos (28 Euro). Every room is with ocean view and a little terrace and a mosquito net over your bed.
The restaurant of Coconut Garden Island Resort is great, they serve delicious food. I loved everything they cooked, but the Goulasch was my favourite.

Europe Road Trip

Here you can see our route of our Europe Road Trip 2015.

Follow us on our Way through Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy.

After 4-6 weeks we will come back home to get a few things done and we have a flight from Germany to Copenhagen on the 17th of September. 2 Days later we are flying to Bangkok again.


Hamilton - Bermuda

Hamilton is the capital of the Bermuda, which belongs to the British Overseas Territory. It is such a nice and beatiful city. Espacially the little colourful houses impressed me, but also the very friendly people, who are so different to the Europeans.

Things to do in Bermuda

Church Bay Beach – Southhampton

This is such a cool and quiet beach and a great spot to go snorkelling. You can see big and colourful fishes only a few steps away from the coast.

The water is crystal clear and very blue. 

I can give you the advise NOT to go to Horshoe Bay, because it is so packed by tourists, as you can see on the photo at the end of the page.

City Center

Hamilton has a beautiful and nice city center, where you can walk around and explore everything. 

City Hall

The white City Hall of Hamilton is located on the north side of the Hamilton Harbour. Bermuda is one of the smallest capital cities in the world.

Bermuda Weather 

The Weather in Bermuda is always very nice. The temperature is about 65 – 85 degree. Enjoy the sunny days on the beach and in the nice town of Hamilton!

Transportation Bermuda

Hop on a bus and get out when you see something cool 😉

Thats what i did. In the city center of Hamilton you can walk, but to get from the harbour to a beautiful beach you have to take a bus or taxi. 


Nassau - Bahamas

Nassau is a very nice stop with a bahamas cruise or a perfect honeymoon destination. It is the capital of the Bahamas located on New Providence Island. Nassau was named in honor of William of Orange-Nassau after Nassau, Germany.

Most of the people think about the Atlantis Bahamas Hotel when the hear of Nassau, Bahamas.

The tropical climate, the colonial architecture and the natural beauty made Nassau a very famous and popular tourist destination.

Things to do in Nassau Bahamas

Atlantis Paradies Island Resort

We took the Taxiboat from the Harbour to the Atlantis Hotel on Paradies Islands.

The huge aquarium is free for everybody and you can walk around the beautiful garden of the Resort. There are so many cool fishes and things to explore and relax for a while at the nice beach. If you want to do more things there you can also spend about 25 $ for a one-day-pass.

Enjoy the Nassau Bahamas weather on the Beach

There are several beaches in Nassau and on Paradies Islands. To get to Paradiese Island you have to cross one of the two bridges or take a boat.

I spend a few hours on the beach at the Atlantis Paradies Island Resort and NO i didn´t spend money for a day pass =) 

Go Shopping in Nassau & Paradies Island

You can go to a Mall, about 10 km outside of the City or walk around the City Center and find clothes, shoes or accessories in litte boutiques.

Have fun in Bahamas Capital Nassau!

Resorts in Nassau Bahamas

I am sure there are a lot of great Hotels and Resorts to spend you time on a Bahamas Vacation. I was there only for one day with a Cruise to bahamas. 



Amsterdam is often referred to as the party capital of Europe. The Amsterdam red light district is visited by millions of travelers every year who come to experience the clubs, the coffee shops and a few other things. There are so many things to do in Amsterdam and there will never be a shortage of pub crawls and festivals during the summer. The people of Amsterdam are very open to learning about other cultures and are always happy to show you a good time.

Things to do in Amsterdam

The Heineken Experience

Amsterdam is home to the famous Heineken Brewery. Whether you drink Heineken or not I would defiantly recommend taking the tour. The Heineken Experience offers a very interactive tour of the state of the art brewery complete with flat screen TV’s, video games, and photo booths. The tour is roughly an hour long and each visitor is allowed 2 beers towards the end. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Heineken but I have to admit the beer is pretty good when it’s served in the brewery.

Van Gogh Museum

I visited the Van Gogh Museum on my first trip to Amsterdam in 2012. The museum is very modern and very well organized which is about all I can say because I didn’t enjoy it. I love art, especially the work of Van Gogh, but the museum was an absolutely mind numbing experience. Van Gogh produced some incredible pieces of art but this museum just doesn’t do it justice. Sorry Guys :/


Vondelpark is the best place to relax in the city. Amsterdam is always buzzing with tourists and festivals all year long so if you want to escape the craziness for a few hours, Vondelpark is where it’s at. Vondelpark is a hot spot for tourists, locals, hipsters, runners, you name it they’re there. Check out Vondlepark one afternoon and have a picnic by one its many ponds but make sure watch out for the pesky birds.

Anne Frank House

Visit the house where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazi’s during World War 2. Tours are offered daily but make sure to arrive early because the lines get pretty long.

Red Light District

The Red Light District became famous for legalized prostitution in the year 2000. You know you’re in the Red Light District because there are red lights everywhere but beware of making eye contact with one of the girls behind the red windows because after all they are working. There is more to the Red Light District other than just legalized prostitution. Some of the best bars, coffee shops, and even really good restaurants can be found in this part of town.

Coffee Shop

Oh you gotta love the coffee shops in Amsterdam! If you do not visit a coffee shop while you are in here you are seriously missing out. The coffee shops in Amsterdam attract people of all ages and backgrounds. It’s a great place to meet locals or fellow travelers and spark up some good conversations. The staff is very knowledgeable and if it’s your first time smoking marijuana they are happy to answer all of your questions. If smoking is not your thing I recommend at least visiting a coffee shop to see what its all about. (Remember to keep an open mind) 🙂

Delicious Food in Amsterdam

Bar B

Wow! This place is amazing. Bar B is located just south of Vondelpark, which means my two favorite places in Amsterdam are within short walking distance from each other. Bar B serves some of the best barbeque in Amsterdam. The restaurant is clean, the music is good and the staff are super nice.

Churro stands are everywhere

The churros are so delicious and incredibly addicting.

Accommodation Amsterdam

The Flying Pig Hostel

First let me tell you that the Flying Pig Hostel has two locations, Uptown and Downtown. I have only stayed at the Uptown Flying Pig and I have only good things to say. The breakfast is good, the bar is cheap, and this place even has its own smoking room so as not to disturb the guests who do not partake in the smoking of hippy lettuce.

Transportation in Amsterdam

  • Rent a Bike: 10 dollars per day
  • Walk
  • Tram: Tickets can be purchased in the tram and the price is $12 for a 2 day pass.

Amsterdam Video



Venice weather in decent all year round but tourism spikes in the summer when the sun is out. There are so many things to do in Venice, from gondola rides to street performances; this city always serves up a good time. The Roman city of Venice is made up of many islands and the only way to travel between the islands is by water taxi. The water taxis are so much fun and during your ride you have some fantastic views of Venice Italy.

Things to do in Venice

Take a Water Taxi

I don’t know why but the water taxi is my favorite attraction in the city. I know it’s not really an attraction in Venice but I enjoy it and doing a round on the water taxi is a great way to see the whole city.

Piazza San Marco

Millions of people visit Piazza San Marco every year. It is the most famous Piazza in all of Venice. The piazza is always pretty crazy and full of tourists but its beauty of the piazza is enough to make you forget the craziness that surrounds you.

Take a Gondola Ride

I don’t quite remember what the price for a gondola ride is but I think its something like one hundred bucks a pop. Oh well, when in Rome, do as the Romans do and when in Venice, ride the gondolas. =)

Campanile di San Marco

Climb to the top of the tower and have a great view of Venice Italy.

Delicious Food in Venice

The restaurants in Venice are always packed and very over priced so I recommend the sandwich shops and pizzerias.



The ancient city of Rome is home to some of the most famous works of architecture and art in the world. There are so many things to do in Rome and so much to learn. Rome is widely considered the birthplace of the western world, which makes it a very popular travel destination so be prepared to navigate through crowds of tourists.

Things to do in Rome

Visit the Holy Vatican City

The Vatican is the official residence of the Catholic Pope. If you come on a Sunday and you arrive early enough you might be able to see the Pope deliver mass in Saint Peter Square. The lines are usually pretty long so make sure you arrive early and bring plenty of water and snacks.


The Pantheon is incredibly well preserved and a must see if you come to Rome. The two thousand year old ancient Roman building is the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome.

Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum is nearly 2000 years old and it is unmatched as the largest amphitheater in the Roman Empire. When I think of Rome I think of the Colosseum and so do many other tourists here so if you want to take the tour plan to arrive early to avoid the long lines.

Roman Forum

The ancient Roman Forum was once the center of Roman public life. Many public speeches, criminal trials and even elections have taken place here.

Visit the Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps is a great place to sit and relax after a long day of sightseeing. Get yourself a traditional Italian gelato and watch the world go by.

Trevi Fountain

La Fontana de Trevi is probably the most famous of all of Rome attractions. The site is always crowded so plan to come early in the morning or super late at night. (Trevi Fountain looks really cool at night) Don’t forget to throw some coins in, one for love or two to return to Rome someday.

Delicious Food in Rome

If you want to save money, stay away from the center of Rome.

Sandwich/Pizza Shop

The sandwich shops in Rome are pretty good. Try the bruschetta sandwich (fresh tomato’s and thick mozzarella cheese… YUM)


Gelato is much sweeter than the ice cream I’m used to and the choice of flavors is pretty wild.

Hotels in Rome

The Hotels in Rome are very expensive so if you are traveling on a budget check out some of the alternatives below:
Air BnB


Playa Del Carmen

Located South of Cancun and the center of the Mayan Riviera, Playa Del Carmen is often referred to as the European Cancun. Over the years Cancun has been servilely overwhelmed by the tourism industry and Playa Del Carmen has become the more relaxing alternative. There are not as many nigh clubs here but there are plenty of other reasons why you should visit this tropical paradise.

Things to do in Playa del Carmen

Downtown Playa

The most popular spot in Playa Del Carmen goes by the name of Quinta Avenida or “5th avenue.” Quinta Avenita is a cobblestone, pedestrian only street that is lined with restaurants, bars, all plenty of shopping.

Enjoy the Playa Del Carmen weather

The weather in Playa Del Carmen is great all year round but the best time to visit is between April and June.


Playa del Carmen is not as wild as its neighbour Cancun but its definitely a great experience. The restaurants in the area usually close around 10pm but the clubs will rage till around 6 following morning. The best clubs in Playa Del Carmen are the ones on the beach so don’t dress up too much. Enjoy =)

Visit the Cenotes

The Yucatan peninsula of Mexico is famous for its Cenotes. A Cenote is a underground fresh water pool formed naturally by sinkholes in the ground. Cenotes vary in size but are they are known to run for miles underground, which make it a really cool place to swim. There are plenty of Cenotes in the area but I would only recommend swimming in the cenote with a local or a guide.

Playa Del Carmen Resorts

Like its neighbour to the north Cancun, Playa Del Carmen is famous for its all inclusive resorts. The all inclusive resorts are a must try when you come to this part of the world. Enjoy =)



Located a few miles north of Playa Del Carmen are the famous, all inclusive Cancun Resorts. Cancun is famous for its beautiful coastlines and party atmosphere, which make it a top destination for young people all over the world. There are so many things to do in Cancun. You can take a day trip to the Island of Cozumel and race Quads or simply relax and enjoy the warm Cancun weather from the beach, either way you will enjoy your visit.

Things to do in Cancun


Famous for its ancient Mayan ruins, Tulum is home one of the most popular cultural attractions in Cancum. Tulum features well preserved Mayan temples that were constructed over centuries located right along the coastline.

Night Clubs

No trip to Cancun can be complete without at least one night of clubbing. Cancun offers a party atmosphere that will compete with any big city in the world. Most of the best nightclubs in Cancun can be found in the hotel zone.

Moon Palace Cancun

I haven’t been here yet but playing a round of golf at the Moon Palace Cancun Resort is definitely on my bucket list. This is probably the most coveted place to stay in Cancun but its very expensive, especially during the high season.

Cozumel Island

Cozumel is a tropical island paradise located just off the shores of Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. Take a ferry to the island and explore the nature of Cozumel by Quad. There are many tour companies that offer day trips to the island so check with your accommodation to inquire about prices and packages.

Playa Del Carmen

Located south of the Cancun Resorts, Playa Del Carmen is touted as the European Cancun. I have been to both Cancun and Playa Del Carmen and have only good things to say about each of them but if I had to pick a favorite it would definitely be Playa Del Carmen. As much fun as it is in Cancun, it’s a little too heavy on the cheap vodka. On the other hand Playa Del Carmen offers you equal parts party, relaxation, and culture.

Cancun Underwater Museum

The museum was founded in 2009 by an artist who set out to reconstruct the marine environment after it had been devastated by Hurricane Dean in 2007. The Cancun Underwater Museum features more than 400 underwater sculptures that aid in the marine life recovery process.

Take a Ferry to Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is my favorite place to visit when I am in Cancun. The island is very small but it has plenty of personality. Isla Mujeres which translates to “island of women,” is an old fishing village with beautiful quite beaches. Try some delicious almond tequila, swim with sharks and go sailing on your day trip to the tropical island Isla Mujeres.

Delicious Food in Cancun

Street tacos

Dollar street tacos are the best way to avoid hangovers in Cancun. I don’t know what it is about the tacos in Mexico but they are so delicious, especially after a night of partying. You can choose between chicken, carne asada, or pork tacos wrapped around a warm hand made tortilla. If you cant decide, get one of each. You wont be disappointed.

Cancun Hotels

When it comes to accommodation, all inclusive Cancun Resorts are the way to go. Book in advance because rooms fill up quick in the high season. (April-July)


The Hotel Riu Caribe Resort is located right on the beach and the day parties are absolutely bananas! The prices are pretty expensive so 1 or 2 nights here is enough plus you want to save some time to see the rest of Cancun.

Krystal Cancun

Another all inclusive Cancun Resort but I would have to say Krystal Cancun is more reserved for families. The pools are amazing and the staff is great.