Traveling alone is worth it

Traveling is my passion. There is not always somebody who has time for traveling or wants to go to the same destinations like you do. So I was Traveling Alone for the first time in 2014.

Traveling Alone

Don´t be afraid of traveling alone, it is so much fun and you got to know a lot of people you wouln´t meet if you would be traveling with a friend.

In July ´15 i was in Bali and my dream was to be an open water diver =) So i went to the diving school, took diving lessons and finally got my PADI diving licence.

Diving is so much fun and the world under water so completely different but so amazing.

under the sea ...


So i wanted to go diving again the same year in the winter. At first i was thinking about traveling with a friend to egypt, but that didn´t work at the end.

Well, then i should maybe change the destination and fly to thailand and travel alone. 

I was in Thailand 2,5 years before with my best friend. We traveled from bangkok to the north to the south and to Cambodia. It was so much fun and between the destinations we often came back to Bangkok. So i thought i know Bangkok a little, i can find along in Khao San Road and i really liked the small island of Koh Phi Phi on the westcoast.

Koh Phi Phi <3


I booked the flight maybe 4 weeks before and i was so happy and really looking forward to it. It was so exciting but also a little scary because i never did it before. I knew there would be two options, rather i would love or hate it =)

At work I asked my colleagues if they think i can do that. They said “Of course, you are approachable and communicative!” But actually i am very shy and i don´t trust people i don´t know.

One day before my flight i was very nervous and 12 hours later at the airport i called my best friend and she helped me over it.

The flight felt a little weird, but time went by very fast and 15 hours later i landed in Bangkok Airport with perfect weather in December =)

I went by taxi to the Khao San Road, where all the backpackers from allover the world are. After i arrived at the Hotel i was very tied from the long journey and felt a little alone. 

Do you know that there are a lot of Facebook groups where backpackers and travelers arrange to meet? After my first night i meet a girl from Germany too. We met at her Hostel and spend the day together in China Town, Khoa San Road for dinner and had a great and unforgetable evening together in the Hangover 2 Skybar. The next morning i had a flight to Krabi… I am still in touch with her and i am happy for the great day!

You will never be alone, so try traveling alone and you will love it.

i think Thailand is a very easy Country for travelling solo but there are so many places to travel alone.

Love, Ina