Stockholm is what I often like to call the city of tomorrow. Everything in Stockholm is about technology from the touchscreen elevators to the futuristic metro system. Stockholm is absolutely beautiful and incredibly clean. The people here are friendly and interested in learning about other cultures. Stockholm isn’t the most affordable country in the EU but it is definitely worth the visit so don’t miss out.

Things to do in Stockholm

Try Viking Beer

Also known as “Mead,” this ancient Viking beer dates back to 2000 BC. It is made by fermenting honey with water and its very delicious. Visit a traditional underground Viking tavern and learn about the history of this really cool Viking beer.

Drink the tap water

Drink the tap water in Stockholm, it is some of the cleanest in the entire world. If you are trying to save money on this trip, water is the worst thing you can buy because it costs $3.50 per bottle when you can get the same thing for free.

Sweden Nightlife

Sweden is home to some of the worlds greatest DJ’s so it is only fitting that they would have a world class party scene. Check out some of the best nightclubs in Stockholm but be prepared to pay entrance fees.

Visit the Vasa Ship

The Vasa ship is one of the oldest battle ships that are on display in the entire world. The museum is modern and the staff is very knowledgeable.

Hostel Stockholm

Skanstulls Hostel in Stockholm was very clean and close enough to the city center. If you want to save some money and meet some other cool travelers, Skanstulls Hostel is perfect for you.