San Sebastian Spain - Europe Trip


Day 6: From Paris to San Sebastian

We enjoyed a small but delicious breakfast Buffet in our Hotel in Paris before heading out to San Sebastian Spain. We had the famous french baguette and croissants 🙂

Our long journey to San Sebastian started at 10.30 am and we got sandwiches and baguette with french sausages for the travel.

Jeremy drove the first 4,5 hours and then we switched. After 10 hours of driving we finally got to san Sebastian, where we have an airbnb for one night.

We were so excited for our first Pinchos, which we found after a 5-10 Minute walk close to our accommodation. So we enjoyed a Beer, a Coke and good Spanish Food before we fall asleep.

Day 7: San Sebastian Spain

We woke up at 9am and our plan for today is to explore the nice city of San Sebastian Spain. We heard so many amazing things about this city in the north of Spain.

We didn´t really like our Airbnb, so we wanted to find an accommodation for the night at first. So we drove about 15 minutes to a camping spot, which cost us about 5€ because of the toll roads in a neighbour city. Unfortunately there were only caravans so we kept driving back, but this time we avoided the toll roads. We got to take very amazing nature pictures. We drove along the beach. We found a nice little hotel on the hill, but it was full. She gave us the advise to camp in a park, where we could go after 8pm.

On our way back to the city, we had a coffee and checked on our phone for hotels or camping sites in and around San Sebastian Spain. We didn´t really find something affordable or which looked good and the price worth.

So we drove about 15 minutes to the old town center, where we had a lot of traffic.

San Sebastian Spain is a very popular destination and during the summer you are sure to run into traffic so plan accordingly.

To find parking was a very hard task. On the road we asked through our car window a taxi driver, which was waiting for the cars in front of him to move.

He told us it is very hard to find, but a little outside of the city center we could have luck. So we drove a few minutes through San Sebastian Spain and on a hill we found a good spot. It was about 20 minutes to walk back in the City, but that was ok for us. Jeremy asked an old man for the direction to the famous Beach La Plancha and the man told him to walk with him in the right direction. So we walked a little bit together and we found a nice little café for lunch.

We shared tortilla, calamares and bread.

After this nice break we went to the beach of La Plancha and we were so happy to be at the beach again. It was at the end of Mey, when we were in Croatia and the ocean felt so good.

The water temperature was perfect and we relaxed at the beach.

I am reading the book “Nur einen Horizont entfernt” von Lori Nelson Spielman. I loved the other book “Morgen kommt ein neuer Himmel” from the same author so much, which I was reading in Bali last summer.

The weather changed really quick and it started to rain a little bit. So we went back in the city center, talked to a nice lady and left a few of our Open Mind Travelers stickers there.

We had dinner at a little restaurant, which served the best food. Jeremy talked to the bar tenders. I think they were the owners too. They were impressed of Jeremys Spanish and called him one of them =)

Because we didn´t book a Hotel or Apartment, we drove back the windy roads along the coast to find a camping spot. It started to get dark and we set up our tend on a field with a view of the ocean.

We didn´t know what a crazy night this would be.

At midnight the storm came over us, we saw so much lightnings and heart the thunder. At 1.30 it was hailing and because the lightning was direct over us, we run in the car till it got a little better and we felt saver. Jeremy was hiten by hail at his head.

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Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe. There are plenty of things to do in Barcelona all year round but my favorite time to visit is between April and May. This way you can avoid most of the crowds and still enjoy that warm Barcelona weather.

Things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona Beach

The Barcelona Beach is a hot spot for locals and tourists all year round. The water is perfect for swimming and when you’ve worked up an appetite, there are plenty of great restaurants to choose from on the boardwalk.

Barcelona Card

If you are visiting Barcelona for the first time the Barcelona Card is a good deal. The card gives you discounts on popular attractions and free admission to a few of the museums in the city.

Barcelona Cathedral

If you are just arriving to Barcelona I would suggest to make the Barcelona Cathedral your first stop. Climb to the top of the Cathedral and have an incredible view of the area.

Barri Gotic

Also known as the old city of Barcelona, Barri Gotic is a great place to wander around and see some old architecture.

Gaudi Fountain

The Gaudi Fountain can be found in Parc de la Ciutadella. Gaudi designed this magnificent fountain as a tribute to the god of Neptune.

Picasso Museum

Picasso is one of my favorite artists and the Picasso Museum in Barcelona preserves and displays more than 3,000 pieces of his art.

Delicious Food in Barcelona


If you have never tried tapas in your life, don’t waste anymore time. Check out some of the best tapas restaurants in Barcelona. It will rock your world.


Payeya is typical family dish that is served usually at lunchtime. The most popular is the seafood Payeya. The seafood is caught daily and most of the kitchens in Spain only bring in the amount they plan to sell. So if you have your heart set on a seafood Payeya you must plan to arrive early before they run out.


Patatas are a typical breakfast meal in Spain and it is made from eggs and potatoes. You will find patatas pretty much anywhere in Spain.