Prague Foodies - City Tour With Amazing Food

On our last day in Prague, Vladimir the owner of Prague Foodies showed us around the beautiful city of Prague and introduced us to very traditional and delicious food from the Czech Republic. We really loved the FoodTour with Vladimir, we had so much fun, enjoyed amazing food and we also learned a lot!


PragueFoodies Tour with Vladimir

Prague Foodies - Our City & Food Tour With Vladimir

Vladimir is a really nice guy, very fun and entertaining! He picked us up at our Hotel (read more about the andel's by Vienna House Prague) and showed us great things in Prague. He started his own business - Prague Foodies - about 2 years ago and loves it to show tourists his hometown!

1 Stop of Prague Foodies Tour: Restaurant

Our first stop was a traditional restaurant, where Vladimir ordered Svickova for Jeremy and me and Duck for David and himself! I have had Svickova on the day we arrived, and I could eat that every single day! This is for sure one of my favourite dishes in the world now! It is beef with dumplings in an amazing sauce! So yummy.
And the duck was excellent as well, really really great and tasty food!


new favourite dish: Svickova


Duck with Dumplings and red cabbage

2 Stop of Prague Foodies Tour: Deli

Our next stop was a really good deli. We tried 4 different things there. The first was pastrami with homemade mayonaise and bread. This was so yummy that we decided to bring 600 grams home! We like it so much, it has a very special taste and goes perfect with bread or sandwich buns.
The secound meat we tried was a warm sausage called Italian and aspic with vinegar and onions. The last meat we tried was a deer sausage, which we were thinking about bringing back home for my dad!
But the pastrami was our favourite so we got a lot of it to enjoy it at home as well!


Talian and Tlacenka from Czech Republic

3 Stop of PragueFoodies Tour: Pastry Shop

Our last stop was a pastry shop, because I love desserts. Vladimir showed us the traditional czech cakes and let us pick what we liked to try.
So Jeremy got a traditional blueberry cake, David picked an apple pie, which looked kind of a strudel and was served warm and I got the Sacher with marchpane. I think the best one was Davids choice, but all the cakes were very tasty!
And the coffee was really really great!


Jeremy's & David's delicious cakes


delicious coffee with Sacher cake in the background

PragueFoodies - A Great Way To See The City And Eat Traditional Dishes

The best way to see the city and eat traditional dishes is to do a tour with a local! We recommend you to meet Vladimir and we promise he will make your Prague trip special!
He also helped me to find a good store to buy some beads for my handmade jewelry!

Check out Vladimirs website and plan a tour with him: Prague Foodies 






Prague’s history, architecture, and delicious food make it a great destination for any traveler. I was having a great time just eating street food and exploring the streets of Prague. The main square is beautiful but you can find some pretty cool surprises in the cuts and an on the outskirts of the city.

Sightseeing in Prague

  • Lennon Wall: this is by far my favorite place in Prague. The whole wall covered with contributions from passing travelers. You can read inspirational messages and pieces of art left by people from all over the world.
  • Charles Bridge: The Charles Bridge is a must see. In fact, it’s hard to avoid seeing because it practically slices the city of Prague in half. The original construction of the bridge spanned over 3 centuries with its completion in the early 15th century. The Charles Bridge is one of the most beautiful sites in Prague so don’t miss the photo op. It will likely be one that you remember for the rest

Special Food in Prague

  • Goulash: Mlejnice, in my opinion, serves the best Goulash Soupe in Prague. I know it’s a bold statement but this place is that good. The Mlejnice is tucked in to a tight alleyway south of the Prague Astronomical Clock. The restaurant is a little crammed but if you cant a place to sit don’t worry, the Mlejinice has two locations and the staff will be happy to direct you to the other spot.
  • Pilsner Beer: there is nothing better than a cold refreshing pilsner beer on a hot day. If you are traveling around Prague in the summer its certain that you will need to rehydrate from all the walking around. This is a perfect opportunity to stop at one the cities’ many classic pubs. The beers are cheap and they go down smooth. Have your own Prague pub crawl at 12pm its all good.

Accommodation in Prague

Old Town Square Apartments: there are plenty of options for you as far as hotels in in Prague but I stayed at the Old Town Square Apartments. It’s not the cheapest option but if you are traveling with 2 or more people the the Old Town Square Apartments offers you a large apartment fully equipped with a kitchen and even a jacuzzi tub.