Hamilton - Bermuda


Hamilton is the capital of the Bermuda, which belongs to the British Overseas Territory. It is such a nice and beatiful city. Espacially the little colourful houses impressed me, but also the very friendly people, who are so different to the Europeans.

Things to do in Bermuda

Church Bay Beach – Southhampton

This is such a cool and quiet beach and a great spot to go snorkelling. You can see big and colourful fishes only a few steps away from the coast.

The water is crystal clear and very blue. 

I can give you the advise NOT to go to Horshoe Bay, because it is so packed by tourists, as you can see on the photo at the end of the page.

City Center

Hamilton has a beautiful and nice city center, where you can walk around and explore everything. 

City Hall

The white City Hall of Hamilton is located on the north side of the Hamilton Harbour. Bermuda is one of the smallest capital cities in the world.

Bermuda Weather 

The Weather in Bermuda is always very nice. The temperature is about 65 – 85 degree. Enjoy the sunny days on the beach and in the nice town of Hamilton!

Transportation Bermuda

Hop on a bus and get out when you see something cool 😉

Thats what i did. In the city center of Hamilton you can walk, but to get from the harbour to a beautiful beach you have to take a bus or taxi.