Camping France

After three great days in Germany, Holland and Belgium and a lot of driving we slept long and packed our things to leave Belgium in order go get to France.

We left Martin´s place at noon and had a four hour drive to Paris in front of us. It took a little longer because we want to see more of the nature and so we didn´t take the tall roads. But I think this is the best decision when you are traveling in Europe.

Because the nature looked so cool, Jeremy had the idea to camp one Night before we spend one or two nights in Paris.


On our way we found a camping spot which looked very good. Nobody was there, when we looked around and after a while somebody was coming who we could ask.

He said the door is open, we should just drive in and pick our favorite spot for the night, because it is not packed at all.

That was a great plan! So we drove to the little village two minutes away, bought a delicious french baguette and got food at McDonald, because the Restaurants were closed or didn´t look good :-/

Back at the camping spot we set up our tent and the mattress. At about 9.30 pm the owner of the Camp came and so we had to pay 14€ for the Night. We aktually thought it is for free, but 14€ was a very good price compared to the superexpensive Hotels in Paris.

The Night was ok, but really cold. Good thing that we had one sleeping bag, which we could use as a blanket. We are happy for the perfect spain weather, which is waiting for us 🙂