East of Lake Phayao you will find a relaxing little town of Phayao. This small town is known for its beautiful sunsets over Lake Phayao. I recommend spending a few days in Phayao to see all that this beautiful lakeside town has to offer.

Places to see in Phayao

  • Sunken Wat (Wat Tilok Aram): Take a boat trip for 40 baht to the middle of the lake where lies the Sunken Wat of Tilok Aram. The Sunken Wat can also be seen from land but for a closer look I recommend taking the boat tour.

Delicious Food in Phayao

  • The Coffee seems to be a popular first stop for arriving travelers. There is a convenient store next to the Coffee where you can grab snacks and chill out on the outdoor patio after your long journey.
  • Restaurant/Bar offers a delicious traditional Thai food and a good selection of beer. They also have a pretty nice pool table in the back. Located between Prasat 1 Alley and Chaykwan Rd Next to the Health Garden.

accommodation in Phayao

The Cozy Nest: This modern hotel is simple but the rooms are very comfortable. Located on Ratchawong Alley

Ratchawong Alley Guesthouse-I stayed at a very nice guesthouse on Ratchawong Alley near The Cozy Nest that had an incredible rooftop view of lake Phayao. I can’t remember the exact name of the guesthouse but this place was great.

Transportation in Phayao

  • Walk
  • Scooter
  • Bus