There is no place in the world like Pai. I stumbled upon this hidden gem in the hills of northern Thailand and it changed my life forever. PAI TRAPS YOU! You plan to go for a couple days and end up staying a couple weeks. Its a place where I’m sure I will visit many times over in the future.

Sightseeing in Pai

  • Night Market
  • Hot Springs- Located just outside of the town is a small campsite where you can pay $10 and spend a couple hours relaxing in the springs ranging from 40°-15° Celsius
  • Pai Canyon- Great hiking during the day and breathtaking views at dusk.
  • Pai River
  • Pai Memorial Brige

Delicious Food in Pai

  • Lonely Pai Café
  • Street Food
  • fresh fruit
  • Fruit Shakes

Good Accommodation in Pai

  • Circus School Resort- Prices range from $10 per night to $25. Circus School Resort offers, a relaxing pool and lounge area, private hut style bungalows, circus classes, and themed parties in the evening. Don’t miss this amazing guest house in the hills of Pai
  • Mr. Jans Guest House- Located by one of the popular night markets in the town. For 5€ per night you can have a private garden bungalow with fan, a clean bathroom and place to park your scooter. They also offer breakfast in the morning consisting of bananas and water

Transportation in Pai:

  • Bus- For $10 you can buy a round trip ticket from most of the guest houses to Chaing Mai or Mai Hung Son.
  • Scooter ($5 PER DAY!) I recommend making the 147km journey by scooter. There is no question you will need a scooter to get around in Pai and the prices for scooters are double here so you are better off renting in Chaing Mai or Mai Hung Son and riding to this incredible town.

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